[380] Vermont Wins Against Monsanto, VA Corruption Killing Vets & NSA Sham Reform – 844-292-1318 Vermont legal aid

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Domestic Drones, GMO Labelling Win, NSA Faux Reform & Deadly Waiting Lists for Vets

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EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks about yet another drone strike in Yemen over the weekend that killed six people, while here in the US a domestic drone nearly collided with a plane in Tallahassee, Florida highlighting the danger of even non-predator drones. Abby then lauds Vermont for its passage of a law that will label all genetically modified foods in the state despite the fact that giant GMO food conglomerates like Monsanto have threatened nearly every state that has considered similar legislation with legal action. Abby then speaks with RT political commentator, Sam Sacks, about the USA Freedom Act, a bill that has wide support in Congress and purports to reform the National Security Agency’s bulk metadata collection, but has still received a great deal of criticism from anti-surveillance advocates. Abby then talks about the Phoenix Veteran’s Affair system and a scheme by VA officials there to put veteran’s medical claims on a secret list in order to improve their medical backlog statistics, which has now led to a congressional investigation. BTS wraps up the show with an interview with hip hop artist, Brother Ali, discussing everything from his trip to Mecca to his controversial lyrics that got him kicked off of a national music tour.
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20 thoughts on “[380] Vermont Wins Against Monsanto, VA Corruption Killing Vets & NSA Sham Reform – 844-292-1318 Vermont legal aid”

  1. The Va nearly killed me twice. Once i laid unconcious for 3 days, and had crapped on myself and no one even cleaned me up. The facilities at Johnson city and Huntington are filthy, and staffed by incompetent doctors and staff. The care is free, but worthless, You get what you pay for. I go to Pikeville Medical center now. It's expensive, but I'm alive. For 36 billion a year, they could just put all the vets on medicade, and just shut down all those veteran hospitals. My wife has champ VA through my service and it is much better than VA. She can go to a "REAL" doctor at a "REAL" hospital.

  2. I love how you've had some really smart hip-hop artist on the show lately, Abby. I would recommend you take a look at P.O.S. (or really anyone from Doomtree) to be on the show. Another very smart, socially aware hip-hop artist that would be great on here.

  3. Abby kick the religion and stand on your own two feet.  Responsibility and the Golden Rule is all that we all need.  Get it please !

  4. The long waits are a wave motion that sways back and forth throughout the decades.  It was in effect in 2000 when I first required bennies.  It was actually better during Bush 2 which surprised me.  The medical care of the VA is so slipshod that no one should use it for anything other than a broken bone.  Homeopathy scores much higher along with nutritional science.  They at the VA are nothing more than drug dealers and do not qualify as medical assistance. 

  5. ban drones impeach the cia, death to american foreign policy, end unconstiuntional capitalist fascist imperialistic despotic neo-colonial holocausts, and make it illegal for rich people to rape children.

  6. We the people should vote on the national budget percentages once we have been certified that we know how to read and comprehend fiscal operating reports and budgets. Be interesting to see how voters are wooed after that. The combined VA+Defense budget adds up to $560 billion.


    Veterans Affairs could be eliminated if each of our 10 million veterans were granted a thank-you pension of $33,333 per year so they could freely choose what kind of medical care they wanted. VA remainder budget could go to the Small Business Administration to generate local income. The entire Defense budget could be divided up amongst state militias and county hospitals for five years before disbanding the War Department permanently. Education and certification could be put to use showing Citizens how to use the law and not to be tricked into being suckers.

  7. The Veterans Administration was paying/giving bonus to employees who found ways to turn down legitimate claims.  Fact.

  8. even if all  food is labeled , most people will not take the time to read the label. people do not read labels ,or anything else,now.

  9. Abby, will you please share the source of the statistics for the GMO related coverage in your show? I am making a project and struggle finding %'s and overall numbers regarding this topic. I will cite the source, and this is not for commercial use nor a professional representation. a few links will do if you can… if not, no biggy, I will keep looking. 🙂 ty 

  10. Spirituality does not involve worshipping a deity outside of you. Therefore, I disagree that everyone who is spiritually inclined will feel the need to partake in Brother Ali's religion.

  11. Hey Abby Martin, Congratulation on Winning 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, You look much better without the Beard!

  12. Do love the way Brother Ali says Community, Humanity and Spirituality, kind of softly spoken English accent on the ity going on.
    And yes, he talks a lot of sense too!

  13. Thanks as always Abby. Are you going to cover american spring in DC. this friday-16th? Time to shift some old guy gears.

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