Aaron Neville & India Arie – Louisiana 1927 – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

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STEP 1 – Download Louisiana Divorce Papers – http://howtofilefordivorce.org/divorce-papers-louisiana.htm

STEP 2 – You and your spouse must decide whether to file for divorce under Article 102 or Article 103 Divorce Action as defined as:

Article 102 – You and your spouse will separate for 180 days after initially filing for divorce.

Article 103 – You and your spouse have already been separated for at least 180 days before filing for divorce.

STEP 3 – You and your spouse should meet to negotiate the terms of the Marital Settlement Agreement and Petition for Divorce to file with the clerk’s office and pay the 8 filing fee.

STEP 4 – You must have your spouse now complete and sign the Waiver form and get it back to you so then you can file the form at the clerk’s office.

*If you and your spouse filed for divorce under Article 102 you will have to wait the 180 day separation period until you may go to the next step.

STEP 5 – You are now eligible to request for a court hearing date by completing the Show Cause Order Form and Affidavit. Submit these 2 forms to the clerk’s office and you will receive a hearing date.

STEP 6 – Attend your court hearing date and if you have completed the steps correctly then the Judge will authorize your Judgment of Divorce. Your divorce is now complete in the State of Louisiana.

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  1. Must have been such an honour to be on stage singing with Aaron Neville, such a poignant song, nearly brings tears to my eyes.  As did the awfully tragic hurricane.  He sings well, everytime

  2. Yeah, you can hear her inner beat dragging the song back. It's intrinsically different than the Neville's NO pulse. I think a NO lady singer woulda been a better fit. 

  3. Did you know this song was written by Randy Newman from Birmingham, Alabama? I'm sure you probably did. I live in B'ham myself, but I do love New Orleans. I'm glad Randy wrote this old song for N/O. Maybe it helped the good people of N/O find some peace after Katrina. 

  4. we have no children and do not own a house , I'm leaving Louisiana Saturday , can he file for divorce after I leave?

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