Boy, 13, has leg amputated after fight with teacher at school in Columbus, Georgia – TomoNews – 844-292-1318 Georgia legal aid

Boy, 13, has leg amputated after fight with teacher at school in Columbus, Georgia - TomoNews

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA — A 13-year-old boy is facing life with only one leg following an altercation with a teacher at school.

The boy, identified as Montravious Thomas, was set to go under the knife on Tuesday after a month of treatment failed to save his right leg.

Thomas was enrolled in an alternative school program for kids with behavioral issues at the Edgewood Student Services Center in Columbus, Georgia, when the incident that led to the amputation occurred on September 12.

The boy was reportedly the only student in the class when he decided he wanted to call his mom to pick him up. However, behavioral specialist Bryant Mosley refused to let him go. The teacher then allegedly body-slammed the boy to the floor multiple times.

Lawyers for Thomas said the boy suffered a broken leg, permanent nerve damage, and a damaged knee cap, the Ledger-Enquirer reported.

The teacher then carried the boy to the school bus and sent him home without providing medical aid or telling his family.

Adding insult to injury, Thomas’s mother Lawanda lost her temp job because she was spending time at her son’s side in the hospital.

Lawyers for the Thomas family plan to file a lawsuit for an amount that’s yet to be determined.

Moseley has not been charged with any crime related to the incident. The school has agreed to release more than 50 documents and any available video footage to the boy’s legal team.

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  1. Well the teacher should be charge and jail .He went to far and the school is trying to cover it up. the school need to be close down.

  2. so pretty much unless he doesnt want to lose a arm he will straighten the fuk up….i mean app he wasnt a good kod

  3. Boy losing his leg from teacher, nobody bats an eye. A boy brings a clock to school and is arrested for a while, everybody goes nuts. Fuck that kid, he's a little bitch, this kid right here who lost his leg should be shown on tv.

  4. The kid was already kicked out of rebar school and didn't behave at this school. He probably was the one to get aggressive first, that's why the teacher wasn't charged.

  5. That is so terrible. And to imagine the trauma the boy is going through. The teacher belongs in prison. But, how the hell is a "teacher" with anger management issues hired to monitor children with anger management issues? The irony.

    Alternative school programs worsen the behavior of troubled children. Poor behavior is a psychological issue needing to be dealt with by psychiatrists.

  6. black people seriously need to be eradicated.
    we need a new Holocaust.
    if you disagree youre just blind to the facts

  7. These dumb faggots "Well hes in alternative school." lmao He deserves to lose a leg? SMH. A lot of people in jail don't deserve to lose fucking limbs.

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