Grandparents Intervene RICO Class Action Legislation Stop Arkansas DHS Kidnap For Profit Emergency – 844-292-1318 Arkansas legal aid

Grandparents Intervene RICO Class Action Legislation Stop Arkansas DHS Kidnap For Profit Emergency

National Amber Alerts are needed for children who become missing and exploited due to kidnap for profit schemes of corrupt DHS and Juvenile Courts see

DMCA Copyright Owned and Counterclaimed by Roxanne Grinage manager HireLyrics Administrative Services U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database, Pennsylvania and U.S. Department of Treasury registered standard access litigation referral having verified due diligence reported herein. All internet radio domain and video hosts are notified of Roxanne Grinage’s COUNTERCLAIM WILLINGNESS TO ACCEPT SERVICE IN UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA AT BUSINESS ADDRESS, P.O. BOX 22225, PHILADELPHIA PA, 19136 Tel. 267-444-0594 Fax is 215-405-2939

04/18/14 @ 4:15 PM EST, ARKANSAS DHS WORKER AVERY CARTER retaliates upon hand delivery service of Notice of Criminal Conspiracy to Kidnap For Profit injure Mashawna Campbell’s (an Arkansas DHS foster parent for 7 years) granddaughter, LAMONIYE EVERETT. WHEN ASKED FOR COURT ORDER, DHS WORKERS STATED, “WE DON’T NEED NO WARRANT,” LOCAL POLICE AGENCY OFFICERS LAUGHED AND DHS WORKERS SAID THEY WERE CALLING S.W.A.T. TO ENDANGER ELDERLY AND CIVILIANS PRESENT. THE PEOPLE OF ARKANSAS v ARKANSAS DHS KIDNAP FOR PROFIT EPIDEMIC Avery Carter, Teresa Bunche, Ad Litem Kathleen O’Conner and Treeca Dyer.

04/18/14 Re: Notice Arkansas Courts Administration, Juvenile Judges Wiley Branton and Patricia Smith; Pulaski Juvenile Division, Arkansas DHS and any local police agency who assists in the legal malpractice Arkansas DHS employees’ perjury caused kidnap for profit of LaMoniye Everett scheduled today, April 18, 2014 and continued kidnap for profit of Nikeito Smith is fiscally and criminally liable for no less than 0,000 per day in remedial damages, ,000 per day in costs and M in punitive damages to pay for The People of Arkansas victimized by Arkansas DHS crime victims’ compensation fund.


I, Roxanne Grinage, have been retained in professional services agreement to perform legal administrative assistant and F.R.E. 803(6) compliant expert witness report services concerning the above Arkansas DHS caused personal injuries with RICO Act proximate causes of action of Linnie Schaefer and Mashawna Campbell’s infant grandchildren Nikeito Smith and LaMoniye Everett.

HireLyrics Administrative Services is in possession of evidence which proves Pulaski County Juvenile Division Courts/Judges and Lawyer Practitioners are acting in criminal conspiracy as a Racketeering Influenced Corruption Organization to deliberately malpractice federal and taxpayer funded Children’s Protective Services and Family Preservation guidelines to aid and abet a public safety emergency posed by Arkansas DHS flagrant Kidnap For Profit Schemes.

An exhibit list which includes video and audio recordings, photographic and medical evidence proving the racketeering criminal conspiracy of

ARKANSAS DHS: Teresa Bunch, Investigator; Kathleen O’Connor, Atty Ad Litem, Avery Carter, social worker; Treeca Dyer, Attorney Ad Litem

as legitimized by the legal malpractice of Pulaski County Juvenile Judges, Wiley Branton and Patricia James. Five Blood Relatives of Nikeito Smith and LaMoniye Everett will file Federal Personal Injury Lawsuit with RICO Act Proximate Causes asking for civil investigative demand of Circuit Juvenile Courts in Arkansas relative to those Arkansans suffering the public safety emergency of kidnap for profit schemes and who are unable to sue on their own behalf.

Further HireLyrics Administrative Services will assertively market this case study for referral to class action law firms, state, legislature and federal special prosecutors seeking criminal referrals and subsequent arrests of those found criminally responsible for violating their official public servant positions to inflict irreparable harms upon the People of Arkansas; in what is confirmed to be Arkansas’ Kids For Cash shame.

We strongly suggest you resolve this through mediation; immediately return LaMoniye to her grandmother, Mashawna Campbell. You are so advised.

Roxanne Grinage, Legal Administrative Assistant
Case Study Referral Project Manager
F.R.E. 803(6) Expert Witness Report Services
HireLyrics Administrative Services
U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database
PO Box 22225, Philadelphia Pa 19136
Tel. (267) 444-0594 Fax: (215) 405-2939

Legal aid attorney Dustin Duke helps a mother obtain protection from an abusive husband and temporary custody of her two children.

CourtHelp – Service Overview – 844-292-1318 Arkansas legal aid

This video as created for the CourtHelp™ project by the Arkansas Legal Services Partnership. It describes, in plain language, the basics of how to provide “service” to the other party in a lawsuit. This video is part of the Arkansas LegalTube™ Project made available on YouTube™.
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Legal Help Best Criminal Fraud Lawyer Walnut California – 844-292-1318 Arkansas legal aid Need experienced criminal fraud law firm Walnut California.
If you are looking to legal assistance a lawyer in Walnut, California to handle your criminal fraud, our video will help you to better understand how to choose the right law firm for your case.

This is a general overview about health care fraud. Health care fraud is a crime that involves the filling of deceitful health care claims in order to receive a profit. Health care fraud also covers such types of fraud as general insurance fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, prescription drug fraud, medical identity theft and others. According to the FBI researches Health Care fraud costs US billion a year. In 2011 there were 2.690 cases investigated by the FBI that resulted in 1.676 indictments and 736 convictions of health Care fraud criminals.

Are you not sure how Health Care fraud is committed? Let us find out! Submitting duplicate claims in order to receive dual benefits or making false statements on a Health Care application is already a fraud. It is illegal to resale the equipment or medicines or use another person’s medical insurance. Sometimes doctors change medical records or report incorrectly the illnesses or procedures in order to inflate the payment. They can also prescribe unnecessary treatment, up-code services or bill for services that were not rendered.

If you want to protect yourself don’t hesitate to ask your doctor to explain you why a certain treatment or service is to be done. Be cautious when it comes to “free” medical services and keep your insurance card and insurance number away from people you don’t know. And remember, never sign a blank insurance form!

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Back to School with 50 Tech Tips 9/10/2014
A perennial favorite, join us as we present 50 new technology tips! From new tools to new hacks, start the school season off right with this fast-paced session. Pulling from a broad range of presenters — from technologists, website administrators, attorneys, to tips from the community — the hour will fly by
Talley Wells, Disability Integration Project Director, Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Tony Lu, Citizenship Works Project Coordinator, Pro Bono Net
Kim Marshall, Content Developer and Project Manager, Arkansas Legal Services Partnership
Jessie Posilkin, Training and Implementation Specialist, Legal Services Corporation
Xander Karsten, LawHelp Program Coordinator, Pro Bono Net

Tech Tips from Kim Marshall,
Arkansas Legal Services Partnership

Spritz: If you have too much to read or want to read faster, check out Spritz. Do a quick test to find out how many words per minute you read, and start using Spritz to read faster. Spritz is incorporated by the next tip, Readsy.
Readsy: Readsy incorporates a Spritz widget and allows you to upload a file, copy text, or a URL onto the site and read the text using Spritz technology. There is also a Readsy bookmark tool which automatically copies URLs for you.
StayFocused: A productivity tool that allows you to block sites from distracting you. You can set time limits and fully customize which sites you want to block. The site helps limit how much time can spend on time-wasting websites by allowing you to set a number of minutes that you will be allowed to look at certain sites on your blocked sites list. Here is a list of suggested blocked sites!
Zotero: A free tool which helps you collect, organize, cite, sync, and share your research. Download Zotero, and start building your research library that you can access from any computer! Here is a short video that will help you get started.
OttoBib: Generates a citations and bibliographies with just an ISBN. Generates citations in MLA, Chicago, and a few other styles.
EasyBib: Generates citation in MLA, APA, & Chicago for your bibliography. Cite a URL, Book, Journal, database, or 50+ other types of documents with easy using this handy tool.
Duolingo: A language learning tool that understands how people learn languages. Choose from Spanish, Danish, Irish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Dutch. The site is free and can be used on a mobile device! Beginners start at Basics 1, and advanced learners take a placement test. A font selecting tool. Simply type in the word you are trying to styalize, and will use all of your fonts and show you your text as the sample. Excellent for graphic design projects!
OneLook: OneLook is a reference site that allows you to use commands to search for words and definition. Ie: search “bl????rd” which will find words that start with bl and end in rd with 4 letters between. Comes in handy when you just can’t remember the word you are looking for.
Tip of My Tongue: Helps you find a word that you can’t remember. Has an unscrambling tool, allows you to enter partial words, and offers definitions.
Microsoft Word Alternatives: Free open source software. They have the ability to open word documents:
o Google Drive
o WPS Office
o Libre Office
o Open Office
o Neo Office (for mac)
My Fridge Food: Generates recipes and meal ideas based on the ingredients that you have in your kitchen. Go through a quick check list and populate recipes!
More Tips: Xander Karsten (Moderator)
Coffitivity: Perfect for those who like to work in coffee shops. Coffitivity has a library of background noises including “Morning Murmur” and “University Undertones” to boost your creativity. Download the app for on the go sounds.
Email Hacks
• Outlook: copy and paste attachments from one email to another
• Show a second time zone
• Gmail: schedule emails and reminders, so you can write an email when you have time, and send it the next day

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Legal Rebel 2012 – Vince Morris – 844-292-1318 Arkansas legal aid

Outtakes of interview with Vince Morris, American Bar Association Legal Rebel 2012. Vince Morris, Director of the Arkansas Legal Services Partnership and the Arkansas Pro Bono Partnership, is featured in a 2012 ABA article that spotlights attorneys who have found a new way to blend the needs of their clients or their practice into the way they practice law. Learn more at
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Legal Help Top Criminal Lawyers Walnut California – When Lawyers Compete, You Win! – 844-292-1318 Arkansas legal aid

Legal Help Top Criminal Lawyers Walnut California - When Lawyers Compete, You Win! Legal assistance most popular criminal law firm Walnut California.
If you are looking to retain an attorney in Walnut, California to handle your criminal, our video will help you to better understand how to choose the right law firm for your case.

It’s universally accepted that a person may protect themselves from harm under the appropriate circumstances even if such protection would normally constitute a crime.
All states and the federal government permit the use of a Self Defense Argument when accused of a violent crime.

When is Self Defense Justified?
– In response to an immediate physical threat
– Verbal threat only when the victim has been placed in an immediate fear of physical harm
– No longer justified once the threat has ended and would be considered retaliatory rather than self-defense

Imperfect Self-defense is when a person uses force to defend themselves from a perceived threat rather than an objectively reasonable threat
– Does not excuse the accused from a crime of violence but,
– It can lessen the penalties and charges involved
– Not all states recognize an imperfect self defense

Proportional Response is a doctrine which holds that the use of self-defense must also match the level of the threat in question.

Duty to Retreat is a doctrine that requires an attempt to avoid the violence before using physical force.
– Most states have removed this rule for instances involving the use of nonlethal force
– Many states still require an attempt to escape the situation before applying lethal force

Stand Your Ground laws remove the duty to retreat and allow for a claim of self-defense even if the claimant did nothing to flee from the threat of violence.
– Most commonly applied to the use of nonlethal force
– States are split on this rule when lethal force has been applied

Castle Doctrine permits the use of deadly force against someone who unlawfully enters the home.
– Comes from the belief that a Man’s Home is His Castle
– Even the more conservative states acknowledge this doctrine

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