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If you are looking to find a lawyer in Yreka, California to handle your drunk driving – dui & dwi, our video will help you to better understand how to choose the right law firm for your case.

Let’s find out what DUI and DWI mean and what the differences between two of this terms are.
The term DUI means driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. DWI refers to driving while intoxicated or while impaired. Both of them are criminal offenses. You a generally considered impaired if your ability to drive safe a car or a motor vehicle is affected because of alcohol consume, illegal drug abuse, use of medications such as painkillers or overdose of other pills.

While DUI and DWI seem to be identical, some of the states classify them as different crimes, DUI is usually considered to be lesser crime, because DUI is used to denote a lesser degree of impairment. In order to determine that you are impaired a police officer may administrate you a Breathalyser, blood or urine test. They will show the amount of alcohol in your blood.

In most of the states the blood alcohol concentration limit is 0.08%, but individual states in US have the power to regulate this limit, for example Colorado imposes criminal penalties for blood alcohol concentration above 0.05%. There is also a notion called “zero tolerance”. This is a law that prohibits any amount of alcohol for people under the age of 21, because they are legally not allowed to drink.

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Marijuana tourism raises issues in Colorado – 844-292-1318 Colorado legal aid

Marijuana tourism raises issues in Colorado

It’s not just the scenic view that’s attracting tourists to the U.S state of Colorado anymore. Now visitors can also buy marijuana legally for fun. But some people worry about the impact it will have on the state’s image. Al Jazeera’s Paul Beban reports from Denver.
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Two years after Colorado voted to allow retail sales of marijuana, Gov. John Hickenlooper and his Republican opponent Bob Beauprez, don’t have much nice to say about their state’s famous issue. Could legal weed affect the race’s outcome? Alexander Trowbridge reports.
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Jacksonville Area Legal Aid JALA 30 second PSA 1 – 844-292-1318 Colorado legal aid

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Lord Bach on the three key reasons why we all should fight together for legal aid

On 14th June 2011, the report of an independent commission into the Conservative-LibDem Government’s proposals to reform legal aid was launched at the House of Lords: Unequal Before The Law: the future of legal aid

This is one of a few video snippets of that launch. Details on how to download the report and contribute to saving the fourth pillar of the Welfare State are at the end of this piece

From the report:

What would happen if three disinterested people looked into the question of why we have legal aid and what would be the effect of reducing funding?

The Commission of Inquiry comprising Dr Evan Harris, Diana Holland and the Reverend Professor Nicholas Sagovsky have no vested interest in the issue. They have taken a dispassionate look at the facts and reported on their findings. They have considered the value of legal aid both to the individuals receiving assistance and to society as a whole.

The testimony the commission heard from individual clients was very powerful.
But powerful and moving as individual cases are, of even greater importance is the commission’s recognition of how failure to deal with individual cases could impact on society as a whole. Legal aid is a vital part of ensuring that everyone is equal under the law. Government and others including some who are rich and powerful such as landlords, spouses, employers, and pharmaceutical companies, ignore or are ignorant of the protections that should be offered to individuals. Without legal aid these wrongs could not be corrected.

You can download the report for free, here:

You can download a short visual summary of what is going on and why you every citizen should be aware of how the UK Government is removing much of our society’s ability to access to justice in the future, here: [750kb PDF file]
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Physician-Assisted Suicide Is Now Legal In California – 844-292-1318 Colorado legal aid

California’s “right to die” law went into effect Thursday, making it legal for terminally ill residents to end their lives.

The law Gov. Jerry Brown signed in October is called the End of Life Option Act. It lets physicians provide lethal prescriptions to adults with terminal illnesses who have a life expectancy of six months or less.

“I think until anyone has walked a mile in my shoes and knows what they’re facing,” Brittany Maynard told “CBS This Morning.”

California’s law was inspired by Brittany Maynard, who after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer left the state — her home — and moved her family to Oregon in 2014 where she could legally end her life.

“No one should have to leave their home and community for peace of mind to escape suffering and plan for a gentle death,” Maynard said in a message to state legislators recorded before her death.

California is now the fifth state in the country to have legislation making physician assisted suicide legal.

It modeled its End of Life Option Act off of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, which has been in effect for almost 20 years and requires the patient be able to self-administer the medication.

There are still many who object to the idea of physician-assisted suicide, including the American Medical Association, which is one of the nation’s largest physician group.

Its policy on the issue reads: “Instead of participating in assisted suicide, physicians must aggressively respond to the needs of patients at the end of life. Patients should not be abandoned once it is determined that cure is impossible.”

Similar aid-in-dying legislation has been introduced in many other states, including New York, Minnesota and Colorado.

This video includes clips from American Medical Association and images from Getty Images.

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In this video you will be introduced to Kepler’s 3 laws and see how they are relevant to orbiting objects. Visit for more!

The video also makes use of computer simulations created by
PhET Interactive Simulations
University of Colorado
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How a Fixed Fee Divorce Works | Co-op Legal Services – 844-292-1318 Colorado legal aid

Family Law & Divorce Solicitor Tracey Maloney explains how non-contested divorce cases can be dealt with for a fixed fee, with the client making just one payment.

For initial legal advice call 0330 606 9626 or see

How a Fixed Fee Divorce Works
By Tracey Moloney, Head of Family Law

“When people come in for a divorce, one of the first things we’re looking to establish is if they are in agreement to a divorce.”

“If they are, then we can offer them a Fixed Fee Divorce.”

“The client will make one payment. We will then do everything for them from completing the Divorce Petition through to obtaining their Decree Absolute.”

“The Respondent to a divorce, during a Fixed Fee Divorce, wouldn’t need legal representation.”

“They are in agreement with the divorce and they just have to sign what’s called an ‘Acknowledgement of Service’ and return that to the court so this saves the other party from having any legal costs at all.”

“Typically, a fixed fee divorce will take between 9 to 12 months to go from start to finish, so partied can expect to receive their Decree Absolute about 12 months after starting the divorce procedure.”

“Fixed fee divorce benefits our customers because we will do everything for them.”

“It takes the stress out of a divorce.”

“We will ensure that everything is done in a timely manner, that papers are prepared properly so that the court doesn’t need to return anything and achieve a Decree Absolute for them in the shortest time possible.”

“So there are no nasty surprises, you get expert help and our expertise at a fixed fee.”

Medical Marijuana Legal Aid – Criminal Law – Chicago IL – 844-292-1318 Colorado legal aid

Click here: patients

Medical Marijuana Lawyers – Criminal Law – Chicago IL

Watch, Ali Nagib describe the criminal law services offered by Justice For Patients, in Chicago IL. Working directly inside the criminal law process, Justice For Patients is a community based, non-profit organization providing comprehensive and affordable legal services for cannabis patients in Illinois. Justice For Patients has been established as a non-profit organization that offers services meant to protect and defend the rights of registered cannabis patients in Illinois. In addition,

Justice For Patients seeks to help those who could benefit from medical cannabis and are disqualified from the Illinois Pilot Program because of a past felony conviction

Medical Marijuana Lawyers – Criminal Law – Chicago IL

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The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: International relief agencies reach remote islands of Vanuatu days after it was ravaged by a monstrous cyclone, three imprisoned in Myanmar for insulting Buddhism, Shia fighters in southern Iraq make due with what’s in the scrapyard, and a gourmet pot market is growing inside Mexico City homes.

Aid Workers Reach Remote Islands Days After Cyclone
Agencies are trying to deliver critical aid supplies to the tens of thousands of people affected by the storm.

Prison Time for Three Accused of Insulting Buddhism
A New Zealand bar manager and his two Burmese coworkers will spend two-and-a-half years in prison for advertising an event using an image of Buddha wearing headphones.

Shia Fighters Hit the Scrap Yard to Increase Battlefield Success
A small team is restoring and modifying weapons and vehicles to deliver to militias fighting the Islamic State.

Burgeoning Legal Weed Industries Give Rise to a Homegrown Market
Connoisseurs have formed pot clubs to replicate the highly potent strains found in U.S. states such as Colorado and Washington.

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Congress Approves Basic Banking Services for Medical Marijuana – 844-292-1318 Colorado legal aid

Congress Approves Basic Banking Services for Medical Marijuana

Despite Washington state joining Colorado last week in legalizing sales of marijuana for recreational purposes and 23 states plus the District of Columbia permitting medical pot, the federal government still classifies the plant as an illegal drug more dangerous than cocaine.

By opening a bank account, pot growers and shop owners will no longer run the risk of being charged with money laundering, due to federal banking laws.
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Filing A Case in Small Claims Courts – 844-292-1318 Colorado legal aid

This video describes how to file a case in small claims court. It is brought to you by the Superior Court of California of Contra Costa and Orange Counties. The Legal Aid Society of Orange County hosts the Small Claims Advisory Program for the County of Orange. For more information, please visit or
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While everyone would love for the relationship between a landlord and a tenant to be amicable, the unfortunate reality is that sometimes landlords must seek to evict tenants in order to maintain a safe and profitable property. Many landlords who are fed up with a tenant but are unaware of the proper legal process run the risk of committing an unlawful eviction, which can expose the landlord to significant liability and possible criminal charges.

An unlawful eviction is any form of eviction that is not performed in accordance with the established legal process. When people think of an unlawful eviction, the most obvious scenario that comes to mind involves the use or threat of physical force with the purpose of making the tenant leave. This can open the landlord up to criminal charges as well as civil liabilities, and like the rest of the examples we will discuss, is an inappropriate way to try to resolve a conflict with a tenant.

A lesser known type of unlawful eviction is when the landlord engages in a course of conduct which attempts to interfere with or disturb the comfort of the tenant in their use of the unit in order to encourage the tenant to leave. Examples of this include cutting off essential services like hot water or electricity in the hope of making the tenant’s stay in the unit unbearable. These types of evictions are known as “constructive evictions” since the tenant is not physically removed, but the tenant’s right to the undisturbed use and enjoyment of the premises has been violated. If the landlord withholds an essential service that they have a legal duty to provide, and thereby make the property uninhabitable, the tenant may terminate the lease and be entitled to seek damages.

An unlawful eviction can also exist when a landlord takes steps or threatens to take steps which would prevent the tenant from occupying the unit or attempting to force them to vacate, such as changing the locks on the tenant’s unit without providing them with a new key. However, this can also include tampering with the locks, removing the tenant’s door or removing their possessions from the unit.

If an unlawful eviction does occur, then the tenant may call the police and bring criminal charges against the landlord. It is also possible that the tenant can seek an order from the Court directing the landlord to allow the tenant to return to the premises. In some cases, the landlord may be liable for up to three times any damages suffered by the tenant.

The only way a landlord may lawfully evict a tenant is by going to court and obtaining a judgment and warrant of eviction to be executed by a local marshal’s office or another authorized enforcement officer.

James G. Dibbini & Associates, P.C. is well versed in the area of landlord and tenant law. If you have any questions about what you need to do as a landlord to secure the legal eviction of a tenant, or if you think you may have been the victim of an unlawful eviction, please visit our web site at or contact our office to discuss your situation and schedule a meeting.

Our office also provides legal services in the areas of:
-Cooperative Apartment & Condo Representation
-Property Management Company Support and Representation
-Commercial & Residential Real Estate Closings
-Civil Litigation
-Landlord & Tenant Law
-General Business Law
-DHCR Representation
-Zoning Issues and Variances
-Housing and Building Code Violation Matters
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Barristers Benefit Ball Marks 25 Years – 844-292-1318 Colorado legal aid

The Denver Bar Association’s signature fundraising event for its civil legal aid program, Metro Volunteer Lawyers, is celebrating its 25th year on May 4. Hear from those who started the event, including Administrative Law Judge Tom DeMarino, Charles Casteel, Sheila Gutterman, Gina Weitzenkorn, Faye Gardenswartz and Dana Collier Smith.
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