UI International Studies Career Panel 10/13 pt 2 – 844-292-1318 Iowa legal aid

Misty Rebik is the Executive Director for the Center for Worker Justice. With the Center she is dedicated to the empowerment of immigrant workers to know and defend their rights and to build common cause across linguistic, religious, racial, and national/political barriers to work towards concrete change. Misty was formally a community organizer with the grass-roots organizing group Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Iowa CCI), where she worked on the group’s Latino Organizing Project. While at Iowa CCI Misty worker with dozens of low-wage Latino workers to recover tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid wages, to strengthen wage theft enforcement in the state of Iowa, and to hold corporations accountable to fair treatment of workers. She also has served as an AmeriCorps Volunteer for the Iowa Immigration Education Coalition, and Iowa Legal Aid. Misty is passionate about all things social justice, and an enthusiastic traveler. She speaks Spanish, is practicing Portuguese, and soon plans to pick up Arabic.
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Human Services Campus groundbreaking – 844-292-1318 Iowa legal aid

Ground was broken Wednesday for a Human Services Campus to be built along the railroad tracks, between Seventh and Eighth Avenues SE. The building will house the United Way of East Central Iowa, Iowa Legal Aid, the Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois, and several other local nonprofits. Picture shot Sept. 29, 2009. (Adam Belz/The Gazette)
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Legal Aid Society of Story County's 40th Anniversary

Fortieth Anniversary of Legal Aid Society of Story County: 1974 – 2014
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LiveHelp Migration 101 – 844-292-1318 Iowa legal aid

Change is coming to LiveHelp. LivePerson is retiring its product on May 31, and Pro Bono Net is ending its longstanding relationship with that company as different states move on to new chat platforms. As of Friday, May 6th, Iowa Legal Aid has officially begun handling its LiveHelp chats via LiveChat, Inc–the chat program Iowa Legal Aid and Pro Bono Net have recommended most states consider. (PBN and ILA conducted extensive analysis of current chat options as part of an ongoing TIG project.)

In this webinar, Sam Halpert of Pro Bono Net and Eve Ricaurte of Iowa Legal Aid will share their experiences with the migration process to help other LiveHelp programs transition to LiveChat smoothly and with confidence. Sam will also prepare similar notes on the process of transitioning to Comm100, which PBN also recommended. (Sam has been supporting LHNY with its migration to the Comm100 platform.)


Sam Halper – Pro Bono Net
Eve Ricaurte – Iowa Legal Aid

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Carrie O’Conner – Iowa Legal Aid – September 2016 Mediacom Newsleaders – 844-292-1318 Iowa legal aid

Carrie O'Conner - Iowa Legal Aid - September 2016 Mediacom Newsleaders

Carrie O’Conner – Iowa Legal Aid – September 2016 Mediacom Newsleaders
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Designed to loop as an attraction element at our conventions or event booths and to convey simple bite size messages to passing visitors.
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Iowa Legal Aid Foundation – 844-292-1318 Iowa legal aid

Iowa Legal Aid Foundation

People with nowhere else to turn – women, senior citizens, veterans, children and other low-income residents – get help from Iowa Legal Aid.
Sadly, annually more than 12,000 families were turned away or under served because we lack the resources to secure ‘Justice for All’.
The Iowa Legal Aid Foundation is dedicated to raising the funds necessary to increase and sustain the services of Iowa Legal Aid. We hope that you share our belief that hope, dignity and justice are due to all Iowans regardless of income.
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