HURRICANE Isaac bring the MILITARY ACTION to Louisiana – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

HURRICANE Isaac bring the MILITARY ACTION to Louisiana

Despite the fact Isaac is a category one hurricane and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said the city had “dodged a bullet,” the Army National Guard has dispatched thousands of troops in Louisiana.
Gov. Bobby Jindal’s office said Tuesday it has asked the Defense Department to pay for up to 8,000 troops for 180 days. Moreover, the National Guard Bureau indicated another 35,000 troops and almost 100 aircraft are available for mobilization to Gulf Coast states, according to Paul Purpura of The Times-Picayune.

Jindal told the Wall Street Journal “Katrina-style flooding” wasn’t expected.

As has now become routine in federal responses to natural disasters, the demarcation between military and local law enforcement has all but disappeared. The Times-Picayune reports that soldiers are now assisting New Orleans cops with law enforcement duties in direct violation of Posse Comitatus, an 1878 law that prohibits troops from working with police.

The newspaper reports that police officers searched the house of a burglary suspect accompanied by “a soldier who carried an M-4 assault rifle, as other armed soldiers stood nearby on St. Claude Avenue beside their Humvees.”

Posse Comitatus came under intense scrutiny following Hurricane Katrina. The 16th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Peter Pace, called for the law to be scuttled and said it slowed down to deployment of troops in Louisiana. Sen. John Warner, a Virginia Republican and at the time chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, questioned Posse Comitatus restrictions following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

In a nationally televised address from New Orleans on September 15, 2005, President Bush said “a challenge on this scale requires greater federal authority and a broader role for the armed forces.” Scott McClellan, Bush’s press secretary, later said revision or repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act was an issue that “needs to be looked at” by Congress and the administration and said officials were in the “early planning of discussing it.”

The following year, Congress approved the National Defense Authorization Act. A rider to the bill allowed the president to declare martial law and take control of the National Guard without the consent of state governors. The provision, added to the bill at the request of the White House, gave the president the authority to bypass the Posse Comitatus Act. The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Vermont Democrat Sen. Patrick Leahy, mounted a spirited opposition to Bush’s brazen power grab.

Despite parading as limited government “conservatives,” the Bush administration had exploited the Katrina disaster to increase the power of the federal government. The Bush administration also exploited the No Child Left Behind Act, the Federal Marriage Amendment, the Terri Schiavo case, assisted suicide, medical marijuana, and other policies to push heavy-handed federalism. In response to the federal power grab, 50 state governors sent a letter to Congress opposing the increase in power of the executive over the National Guard.

In 2008, a commission of Congress convened to study the state of the National Guard and Reserves and to make recommendations regarding their composition, management, roles, funding and missions recommended they be assimilated into the regular U.S. military, under control and management of the Pentagon. “Some recommendations that were accepted and show this disturbing trend include the assertion that it should be codified into federal law that it is the DoD’s responsibility to provide support to civil authorities, is a ‘core competency’ and comprises and equal importance to its combat responsibilities,” writes Carolyn Harris.

The executive has repeatedly and purposely misinterpreted Article 2, Section 2, Clause 1 of the Constitution to argue that the federal government has the legal right to intervene in matters left to the states, as the Tenth Amendment specifies.

The obvious over reaction to Isaac, a mere category one hurricane, reveals once again that the government will exploit sensationalistic events to acclimate citizens to the military presence of the federal government in affairs that were once left up to the states.

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The Intersection of Race, Gender & Privilege Within the Fight Against Mass Incarceration – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

IRAAS Conversations Series: Panel Discussion
“The Intersection of Race, Gender and Privilege Within the Fight Against Mass Incarceration”

Thursday, April 21, 2016; 6:30pm-8:00pm
46 West 116th St (Malcolm X Blvd) New York, NY 10027

This panel discussion is an opportunity for attendees to learn how young blacks fighting mass incarceration are overcoming the unique intersection obstacles they face in a legal profession, nonprofit industrial complex and media corps dominated by whites. Recent events have led more and more Blacks to join the fight against mass incarceration. However, institutions of higher education have done a poor job in preparing young blacks to face the structural racism and sexism endemic in this struggle. Also, too little focus has been placed on the need for privileged blacks to avoid the trap of fighting mass incarceration in a paternalistic way. This discussion will shed light on how young black lawyers, organizers and journalist grapple with inter sectional oppression while fighting mass criminalization in a socially responsible fashion.

**Panelists **

Josie Duffy, Staff Writer Daily Kos

Josie Duffy is a Staff Writer at the Daily Kos, the premier online political community with 2.5 million unique visitors per month. Among luminaries posting diaries on the site are President Jimmy Carter, then-Senator Barack Obama, and dozens of other senators, congressmen, and governors. Ms. Duffy writes about judicial and DA elections, and prosecutorial and judicial misconduct. Before joining Daily Kos, she was a Staff Attorney at the Center for Popular Democracy. She holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Marquis Jenkins, Community Organizer NAACP Legal Defense Fund
Marquis Jenkins is a Community Organizer in the NAACP Legal Defense Fund’s (LDF) Criminal Justice Practice. In that capacity, Mr. Jenkins works to support the organizing efforts of communities of color seeking to address criminal justice issues. Prior to joining LDF, Mr. Jenkins worked as a Public Housing Community Organizer for Good Old Lower East Side Inc. (GOLES). Mr. Jenkins was introduced to organizing at the age of seventeen where he ran for Resident Association President of the public housing development where he grew up. Mr. Jenkins holds a BA from Touro College.

Chantà Parker, Supervising Attorney Legal Aid Society of New York
Chantà Parker is a Supervising Attorney at the New York Legal Aid

Society Criminal Defense Practice. Prior to joining Legal Aid, Ms. Parker was a staff attorney at the Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem and the Orleans Public Defenders in New Orleans. She is also a faculty member of Gideon’s Promise, which is the subject of the award winning documentary Gideon’s Army. She holds a JD from NYU Law School.

Omavi Shukur, Director Seeds of Liberation

Omavi Shukur is the Director of Seeds of Liberation, an organization that works alongside Arkansas’ marginalized communities to create a more just, equitable and empowering means for addressing crime through policy research, community education and amplifying the voices of the formerly incarcerated. Before founding Seeds, he was a Staff Attorney and Equal Justice Works/Public Defender Corps Fellow at the Orleans Public Defender’s Office in New Orleans. He has won trials by judge and jury and successfully litigated cases at the Louisiana Supreme Court. Mr. Shukur was named one of the 25 Visionaries of Arkansas by the Arkansas Times in 2015. He Holds a JD from Harvard Law School

Moderator: Prof. Samuel K. Roberts , Jr.; Director, Columbia University Institute for Research in African-American Studies (IRAAS);
Associate Professor of History & Sociomedical Sciences Columbia University

Samuel Kelton Roberts, Jr. is Director of the Columbia University’s Institute for Research in African-American Studies (IRAAS), Associate Professor of History (Columbia University Arts and Sciences) and Associate Professor of Sociomedical Sciences (Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University). He writes, teaches, and lectures widely on African-American history, medical and public health history, urban history, and the history of social movements. His book, titled Infectious Fear: Politics, Disease, and the Health Effects of Segregation (University of North Carolina Press, 2009) is an exploration of the political economy of health, urban geography, and race between the late nineteenth century and the mid-twentieth century. This periodization encompasses the coinciding eras of both Jim Crow segregation and the period from the bacteriological revolution to the advent of antimicrobial therapies. In this work, Roberts argues that the local politics of race and labor greatly influenced the development of the early public health state, and further locates in this period the roots of modern health disparities.
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U.S Income Tax is a fraud(Tom Cryer) – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

Tom Cryer, an lawyer from Shreveport, Louisiana, tells his story about how he was prosecuted for refusing to file income tax.

In June, 1994, Tom met a man who claimed that the Internal Revenue Code did not make him liable to pay income tax. This was a life-changing event for this lawyer, who then began to research into the law in order to prove this man wrong. What he discovered was that there is no income tax liability relative to American citizens. This presented Tom with a dilemma: does he put his head down and pretend not to know the truth, or to honor his oath to support and defend the rule of law and the Constitution? He chose the latter path, and ceased filing income tax.

As Tom says, it is apparent that the US government is stealing trillions of dollars from honest, hard-working Americans. It was using this stolen money to expand its reach far beyond its intended role. It is stealing, and using the sweat and labor of Americans to destroy their country.

Tom stopped filing and paying income tax UNLESS and UNTIL the government could show him it had any right to demand he do either. He was charged with two counts of tax evasion, which charges were later dropped to two counts of failure to file. He was tried on July 9, 2007 in Federal District Court in Shreveport. During that trial, he said he learned first hand how far tyranny has advanced within the US government — even into the courtrooms. The judge, in an attempt to aid the prosecutor in attempting to convict Tom, violated the laws of evidence and due process by not allowing Tom to present any physical evidence or material facts. The judge further tried to hamper his testimony in an effort to prevent the jury from understanding that Tom did not have any income tax liability, and that the law does not say with the IRS tells them it says. Seeing the truth in his words, because they were not permitted to see any evidence, the jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty on both counts after only a few hours of deliberation.

Amazing testimony.

If you wish to find out more or to support these people, check out the Liberty Works website:

Wake up, America! Wake up, World!
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Louisiana State Trooper Dies | The Blaze – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

Louisiana State Trooper Dies | The Blaze

The Louisiana state trooper who was shot in the head during a traffic stop on Sunday died Monday morning, making him at least the 21st on-duty police officer to be shot and killed by gunfire in 2015.

“Hillary Clinton’s staff says it was permissible under department policy. Is that true? Why do they keep saying that?”

Donald Trump’s people bring evidence of his treatment of women in the workplace.

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Push Back Against School Pushout: Highlights from the Week of Action 2011 – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

October 1-8, 2011: Dignity in Schools Campaign’s Annual Week of Action on School Pushout

Throughout the week of October 1-8, 2011, thousands of parents, youth, and educators took part in student-led actions and events in 28 cities to expose the school pushout crisis in our nation and advocate for the human right of every young person to a quality education and to be treated with dignity. The events and actions included street theater, public forums, rallies, restorative justice trainings, and more.

The Dignity in Schools Campaign’s National Week of Action brought together organizations and individuals from 14 states and Washington, D.C. to call for an end to zero tolerance policies, for the implementation of positive approaches to discipline, like restorative justice practices and positive behavior supports instead of relying solely on suspensions and expulsions, and for the passage of federal legislation that promotes positive school climates.

Find out more at –

The organizations that participated in the National Week of Action on School Pushout include: Access Living, ACLU of Eastern Missouri, ACLU of Pennsylvania, ACLU of Southern California, Action Communication and Education Reform, Activists With A Purpose, Advocates for Children of New York, Advocates for Children’s Services (a project of Legal Aid of North Carolina), Advocates for Justice and Education, Atlanta Community Engagement Team (ACET), Black Organizing Project, Blocks Together, Boston Parent Organizing Network (BPON), Boston Student Advisory Council, Boston-area Youth Organizing Project, Center for Community Alternatives, Children’s Defense Fund — California, Children’s Defense Fund – New York, Citizens for a Better Greenville, COFI, Community Asset Development Re-defining Education (CADRE), Community Rights Campaign of the Labor/Community Strategy Center, Concerned Citizens for a Better Tunica County, Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM), Dignity in Schools — NY, DSC-Los Angeles, Education Not Incarceration, Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC), Fannie Lou Hamer Center for Change, Freedom House, Future of Tomorrow, Generation Y, Girls for Gender Equity, Gwinnett STOPP, Interfaith Children’s Movement, Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana (JJPL), Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools, Lambda Legal’s Southern Regional Office, Make the Road New York, Mass Transit Street Theatre, Morehouse Chapter of the NAACP, MS Coalition for the Prevention of Schoolhouse to Jailhouse, National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI), New Settlement Apartments Parent Action Committee, New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), Nollie Jenkins Family Center, Padres y Jovenes Unidos, Parents Organized to Win, Educate and Renew – Policy Action Council (POWER-PAC), Portland Parent Union, Power U Center for Social Change, Public Counsel, Safe Schools Healthy Students – New Orleans Recovery District, Sistas and Brothas United, SNAPPS, Sunflower County Parents and Students Organization, Teachers Unite, The Commutation Project, Urban Youth Collaborative (UYC), West Town Leadership United (WTLU), Women of God’s Design Ministry, Young Adults Striving for Success (YASS), Young People’s Project – Greater Boston, Youth Innovation Movement Solutions, Youth Justice Coalition, Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, Youth on Board, Youth on the Move, YWCA of the Greater Triangle.

Aaron Neville & India Arie – Louisiana 1927 – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

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Go to

STEP 1 – Download Louisiana Divorce Papers –

STEP 2 – You and your spouse must decide whether to file for divorce under Article 102 or Article 103 Divorce Action as defined as:

Article 102 – You and your spouse will separate for 180 days after initially filing for divorce.

Article 103 – You and your spouse have already been separated for at least 180 days before filing for divorce.

STEP 3 – You and your spouse should meet to negotiate the terms of the Marital Settlement Agreement and Petition for Divorce to file with the clerk’s office and pay the 8 filing fee.

STEP 4 – You must have your spouse now complete and sign the Waiver form and get it back to you so then you can file the form at the clerk’s office.

*If you and your spouse filed for divorce under Article 102 you will have to wait the 180 day separation period until you may go to the next step.

STEP 5 – You are now eligible to request for a court hearing date by completing the Show Cause Order Form and Affidavit. Submit these 2 forms to the clerk’s office and you will receive a hearing date.

STEP 6 – Attend your court hearing date and if you have completed the steps correctly then the Judge will authorize your Judgment of Divorce. Your divorce is now complete in the State of Louisiana.

Soul singer Louisa Johnson covers Who’s Loving You | Auditions Week 1 | The X Factor UK 2015 – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

Soul singer Louisa Johnson covers Who’s Loving You | Auditions Week 1 | The X Factor UK 2015

Visit the official site:

A few deep breaths is all it takes for Louisa Johnson to blow the audience away with Michael Jackson’s Who’s Loving You.

Has she done enough to sway the Judges?

Clue: She gets a standing ovation…

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Louisiana Looks To Rebuild After Record Floods – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

Some 102,000 Louisiana residents have registered for federal emergency assistance over the state’s record floods, called the worst natural disaster in the United States since Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Homeowners already are approved for million in federal aid, Richard Carbo, the governor’s communications chief, said on Twitter on Saturday. Yet more than 3,500 people were still sleeping in shelters on Friday, he said, about a week after parts of the state were deluged with more than 2-1/2 feet of rainfall. The floods killed at least 13 people and damaged some 60,000 homes, according to state figures. U.S. President Barack Obama plans to visit Baton Rouge on Tuesday to see the damage first-hand.


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