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The Artist (searches on public transport) – Victoria Legal Aid Street law education kit – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

This video is part of an education program called Street Law. For more information go to

The program is designed to support educators and teachers in delivering legal education to young people about their legal rights and responsibilities when dealing with police and Protective Services Officers (PSOs).

An education kit is available that includes session plans, activities and links to legal information relating to each video. This video forms part of the ‘Searches on public transport’ component of this kit. It is not intended as a stand-alone educational resource.


Title: The Artist
[Image shows a notebook and pen resting on a wooden surface. A hand picks up the pen and writes text on the notebook: ‘Youthlaw Presents…’.]
[A hand turns the page and writes: ‘A Camera Electrica Production’.]
[The hand turns the page again, revealing text: ‘The Artist’.]
[The page turns and reveals the animated character of the narrator, a young woman. She is wearing a hoodie and she has a backpack across her shoulder. She is facing away from the viewer and she is using a can of spray-paint to paint the wall in front of her.]
[The narrator turns to face the viewer. Two more animated characters enter the scene. One holding a clipboard, the other with their hands behind their back. They approach the narrator.]
Narrator: I was at a train station the other day just waiting for my train. And then one of those Protective Services Officers came up to me. You know the ones. They kind of look like police but they’re not.
Narrator: Well, he came up to me and he was like, “what’s that paint on your hands? I’m going to need to search your backpack.”
[The narrator holds her backpack close in front of her.]
Narrator: And then I was like, “aren’t you just a ticket inspector? You can check my ticket but forget about the bag mate.” This PSO, he must have been a trainee or something ‘cause this transit cop was standing behind him and he was all quoting the book like, “you are on railway premises and I have the power to search you under the Graffiti Prevention Act.” And I said “Search me for what?”
[Protective Services Officer reaches into the narrator’s bag and pulls out a can of spray-paint.]
Narrator: Then he said, “for this.” And I was like “Well, oh that? I need that for my work.” And he was like, “oh really, you need that for your work? What kind of work do you do then?” And I said “Well, mostly giant tags, but some murals, like that one.”
[Narrator points to the wall behind her.]
Narrator: So I got fined for carrying a spray can on public transport property. Of all the things to get done for, I get done for that.
[Image shows Protective Services Officer scribbling in notepad as the narrator looks annoyed.]
[A hand turns the page of the notebook revealing text:
Directed by: James Fleming
Animated by: Simon Howe
Produced by: Annie Davis and James Fleming for Youthlaw
Sound recording and technical support: Hayden Layton
Narrated by Amelia Mazis

Reference performance by: Amelia Mazis
Concept by: Aidan Jenkin, Jordan Tate, Daniel McDonald, Roimaata Harris, Catherine Newman, Jake Ure, Jeffrey O’Rourke, Amelia Mazis, Zachariah Bloomhall
Camera Electrica
Youthworx Media
No Such Place
Funded by a grant from Victoria Law Foundation
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The Frontlines of the Farm Crisis: Farm Advocates – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

The Farm Aid 30: Strength From Our Roots gathering occurred on September 17 & 18, 2015. During the 1980s farm crisis, a handful of farmers struggling to save their own farms started using their experience to help their neighbors fight back against foreclosure and abuse. The term “Farm Advocate” emerged to describe this frontline, farmer-to-farmer assistance.

Following the screening of the documentary film Homeplace Under Fire, the small group of farm advocates who are still at it, 30 years later, having saved thousands of farms during their careers, gathering for discussion.

Moderator: Charlie Thompson, Duke Institute for Documentary Studies

Mona Lee Brock, National Farm Crisis Center
Benny Bunting, Rural Advancement Foundation International – USA
Linda Hessman, Farm Advocate
Lou Anne Kling, Farmers’ Legal Action Group
Betty Puckett, Louisiana Interchurch Conference
Shirley Sherrod, Southwest Georgia Project
John Zippert, Federation of Southern Cooperatives

For more, visit

Farm Aid was started by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp in 1985 to keep family farmers on the land and has worked since then to make sure everyone has access to good food from family farmers. Dave Matthews joined Farm Aid’s board of directors in 2001.

For more information about Farm Aid, visit:
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Legal Assistance Experienced Drug Crimes Law Firms Montecito California – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid Legal advice most popular drug crimes attorney Montecito California.
If you are looking to legal advice a lawyer in Montecito, California to handle your drug crimes, our video will help you to better understand how to choose the right law firm for your case.

Watch our video about the most severe drug law states in United States. It is a known fact that marijuana is the most available, distributed and used drug in the United States. Annually the police prosecutes approximately 800.000 Americans for violating marijuana state laws. The penalties for that vary from state to state and range from small fines and to imprisonment. But in following five states the penalties for even a minor law violation are very severe.

The biggest number of arrests based on possession of at least a pot of marijuana is made in Texas. Over a half of all arrests in Texas consist of marijuana arrests. Even if this is your first conviction, you can get 180 days jail time and a 00 fine. In 2009 over 77.000 people were arrested in Texas only for the possession of marijuana.

The state law in Oklahoma allow judges to sentence to life imprisonment people convicted of cultivation of cannabis or for the sale of the smallest amount of it. Yearly over 13.000 people get arrested in Oklahoma for pot possession and they are convicted harshly as in other states.

The third state with the most severe drug laws is Arizona. Arizona treats first-time possession as a felony offense. The drug laws of this state consider possession of even the smallest amount of marijuana as a felony crime. It is punished by 0.000 fine up to 18 month imprisonment.

If you possess in Florida 20 grams of marijuana or even less, you will be charged with a 00 fine and up to one year prison, because this is regarded as criminal misdemeanor. If you possess over 20 grams of marijuana or have cultivated a single pot plant, you can spend five years in prison and pay a .000 fine.

The last but not least most severe state is Louisiana. In Louisiana it is possible to receive a life sentence for pot possession if you previously were convicted of marijuana possession. You can get a multi decade jail sentence if you are a repeated marijuana offender, and this is a common thing here. Three-time offenders may receive up to 20 years of imprisonment.

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What is Unbundled Legal Help? – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

What is Unbundled Legal Help?

This is Jim. Jim needs an attorney.

While searching for legal help he finds that typical upfront retainer fees range from 00-00 with hourly rates of 0 per hour or more.

Jim can’t afford these fees and considers trying to handle his case on his own. However, the legal system can be complicated; the forms are written in “legalese”, and there are many deadlines to meet and keep track of, so he’s afraid he might end up with disappointing results.

What if there was a more affordable way for people like you and Jim to hire an attorney? A way where you only had to pay for the legal services you need the attorney to do, and none of the ones you don’t.

Introducing Unbundled Legal Help™!

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to have an attorney handle your case from start to finish, your attorney can “unbundle” their service to only specific agreed upon tasks. You get to decide what parts of the case you will handle, and which parts your attorney will handle. The less your attorney does, the less you will pay.

Typically unbundled options range from 0-00, depending on your case and what you hire your attorney to do.

Not every case is a fit for unbundled legal services. You may need an attorney to handle your entire case to get the result you want and this could cost more. The good news is, even if you need full representation, since we work with smaller firms and individual lawyers who have lower overhead, our unbundled attorneys are often more affordable than the large law firms.

Before you spend ,000 just to get started with an attorney, or try to handle your case on your own, complete the request form to be connected with one of our unbundled legal professionals in your area.

The consultation is free and there’s no obligation.

Fewer Hours, Lower Cost, Real Help.

Unbundled Legal Help™.

Complete your request now!
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Orlando Divorce Lawyer,Attorney Legal Services,Lawyers Personal Injury,Criminal Defense Attorneys,Counsel,Mediator,Counselor,Power of Attorney,Immigration,Bankruptcy,Tax Law Office,Notary,Notaire,Attorney General,Medical Malpractice,Brain Injury

Orlando Divorce Lawyer,Attorney Legal Services,Lawyers Personal Injury,Criminal Defense Attorneys,Counsel,Mediator,Counselor,Power of Attorney,Immigration,Bankruptcy,Tax Law Office,Notary,Notaire,Attorney General,Medical Malpractice,Brain Injury,Family,Business,Real Estate,DUI, DWI,,Mesothelioma,New York,California,Texas,Florida,Find a,New Jersey,Chicago,Pennsylvania,Michigan,Ohio,Arizona,Georgia,Ohio,Patent,Illinois,North Carolina,Maryland,Virginia,Colorado,at Law,Civil Rights,Dallas,Massachusetts,Washington,Georgia,Minnesota,Louisiana,Estate Planning,Employment,Government,Arizona,Vioxx,Los Angeles,Alabama,Minnesota,Car Accident,Lemon Law,Indiana,Entertainment,South Carolina,Adoption,Trademark,Atlanta,Colorado

What is Mesothelioma – “Mesothelioma” – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

Mesothelioma Treatment Options
Mesothelioma cancer treatment options will be the same as any other lung cancer.

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Louisiana Residents Face Financial Troubles During Flood Aftermath

While the flooding may be over in Louisiana, renters and homeowners who do not have flood insurance are facing an uncertain financial future.
Private insurers do not cover flood damage and flood insurance in the United States is underwritten by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Homeowners who live in designated high-risk flood zones are required to carry flood insurance if they have a federally backed mortgage.
According to FEMA, an estimated 42 percent of homes in high-risk areas have flood insurance in Louisiana. Only 12.5 percent of homeowners in low and moderate-risk zones do.
However, most of the areas hit hard by record rainfall last week were not considered at high risk for flooding.
Those residents without flood insurance are eligible for up to ,000 in FEMA individual disaster assistance funds, although most will likely receive less than that, based on payments following other major disasters.


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Lords: legal aid debate closing session 26th October 2011 – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

If listening to Lord McNally trot out the same old rhetorical nonsense upsets you, it’s worth forwarding to the end of this piece where Lord Bach gets the closest I have ever seen a Peer to being bloody annoyed
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The availability of affordable housing continues to decline for a large number of families and individuals living in Cincinnati and Hamilton County. At the Next Community Issues Forum, John Schrider, Senior Attorney, Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnatireviews the findings of a just released housing report completed by Affordable Housing Advocates. This luncheon forum took place at 12:00 noon, Thursday March 8th, Christ Church Cathedral Undercroft, 318 East Fourth Street.
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