Renovating Abandoned Homes Panel – 844-292-1318 Missouri legal aid

Renovating Abandoned Homes Panel

Ewing M. Kauffman Foundation Conference Center
January 31, 2015

Abandoned homes represent a distinct challenge and an opportunity for many neighborhoods. Hear how neighborhood organizations are working to turn abandoned homes in their area into opportunities for investment and revitalization.

Michael Duffy, Legal Aid of Western Missouri
Margaret May, Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council
Paul Tancredi, Blue Hills Neighborhood Association
Ted Anderson, Land Bank of Kansas City, Missouri and the Kansas City, Missouri Homesteading Authority
Moderator: Vincent Gauthier, BNIM and the Land Bank of Kansas City, Missouri
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Ordenes de Protección en Missouri – 844-292-1318 Missouri legal aid

Este video preparado por Legal Aid de Western Missouri discute ordenes de Protección en Missouri. Describe los tres tipos disponibles y lo que debe hacer si usted necesita archivar para una Orden de Protección.
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