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Advanced Bankruptcy Law Practice in Nebraska: Bankruptcy Points of Interest – 844-292-1318 Nebraska legal aid

June 22, 2016

Student Loans: Discharge v. Forgiveness – How to Win the Battle
Laurene M. Barrett, United States Attorney’s Office; Joel A. Bacon, Keating, O’Gara, Nedved & Peter, P.C., L.L.O.; and Samuel J. Turco, Jr., Sam Turco Law Offices
The panel will discuss the basics of student loans, educational benefit requirements, tuition vs. student loans, parameters and considerations for forgiveness within bankruptcy and outside of bankruptcy, SOFI refinance programs and consolidation of loans, total disability discharge options, work-out agreements, repayment and rehabilitation programs and the cost/benefit analysis of each option.

Adversary Proceedings
Judge Thomas L. Saladino, United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Nebraska; David J. Koukol, Koukol & Johnson,LLC; and Jerry L. Jensen, United States Trustee’s Office
This session will include a detailed look at and panel discussion of §523 and §727 objections. The panel will focus on objections to discharge due to fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation presented from the viewpoint of individual creditor’s attorney and US Trustee, with insight from the bench on both.

The Legal Aid Bankruptcy Clinic: What It Is and How You Can Help
Katherine H. Owen and Lea Wroblewski, Legal Aid of Nebraska; and Carol Cleaver, Nebraska State Bar Association
Presenters will provide details on the Legal Aid Bankruptcy Clinic program and requirements for legal aid services for bankruptcy-related matters. It will also include a discussion on bankruptcy-related volunteer opportunities with the NSBA’s Volunteer Lawyers Project.

Relevant Ethical Issues from the US Trustees with Emphasis on Proper CM/ECF Use in the Digital Age
US Trustees Dan Casamatta and Patricia Fahey
Discussion of relevant ethical issues and the integrity of the electronic filing system by the US Trustee’s office. The US Trustees will discuss several ethical issues, including proper notary and signatures, maintenance of original signatures, duty to report postpetition assets, fraud and full duty to disclose vs. confidentiality, overlap of federal and state code of ethics and joint representation.

The Art of Avoiding Conflict In and Out of Bankruptcy
Robert M. Gonderinger, Croker Huck Kasher DeWitt Anderson & Gonderinger, LLC and Donald L. Swanson, Koley Jessen P.C., L.L.O.
This session focuses on workout and forbearance agreements and includes a robust discussion from a creditor’s attorney and a debtor’s attorney regarding how to avoid bankruptcy adversary proceedings and disputes before, during and after a bankruptcy case is commenced.

Tax Ramifications and the Bankruptcy Estate
Dennis Blackman, Blackman & Associates, P.C. and John A. Lentz, Lepant & Lentz, PC LLO
Discussion of tax and accounting issues as it relates to different chapters of bankruptcy; liens, setoffs, cancellation of debt income, and tips for trustees.”

When Two Worlds Collide: The Interplay of Estate Planning and Bankruptcy
William J. Lindsay, Jr., Gross & Welch, PC LLO and Roxanne M. Alhejaj, Pollak Hicks & Alhejaj, P.C.
Estate planning tips for a client who may need to file for bankruptcy and estate planning tips to protect a client’s beneficiaries who may need to file for bankruptcy, including a discussion of life estate deeds; inherited IRAs; spendthrift trusts and other trust provisions for bankruptcy protection; beneficiary designations, including pay on death and transfer on death items; and co-owned property including joint tenancies.
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Legal Aid of Nebraska–Funding in a Time of Need – 844-292-1318 Nebraska legal aid

An inside look at Legal Aid of Nebraska, a nonprofit law firm dedicated to serving Nebraska’s impoverished and abused. Watch to learn about our firm’s continued effort to provide high-quality civil legal services despite the onset of a recession and reduced funding.

Interview of Dave Pantos

Legal Aid of Nebraska–Our Firm’s Mission – 844-292-1318 Nebraska legal aid

An inside look at Legal Aid of Nebraska, a nonprofit law firm dedicated to serving Nebraska’s impoverished and abused. Watch to learn about our mission of hope and dignity for all.

An inside look at Legal Aid of Nebraska, a nonprofit law firm dedicated to serving Nebraska’s impoverished and abused. Watch to learn about our various special projects that serve specific populations of Nebraska, such as Native Americans, the elderly, victims of domestic violence, the homeless, and migrant farm workers.
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