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Free Child custody, marital property, visitation, advice and any questioned answered from experienced national Divorce Attorneys.

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Misdemeanor or felony. Avoid Fines, probation, or jail time with free case consultations, and advice with local criminal defense attorneys.

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No Win No Fee Auto injury, Personal Injury, Work Injury, Workers Comp, attorneys to get the highest settlement from the insurance companies. Free Case settlement consultations.

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Every case has a defense! Learn how to challenge your case and avoid jail time, fines, suspended license, ignition locking, and more
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Stop collections, protect your assets, and save. Erase debt with Chapter 7, or reduce balances and payments with Chapter 13. Free Advice.

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No-obligation evaluation to discuss your case and potential eligibility for disability benefits with a professional SSDI/SSI advocate.

Legal Aid Attorney talks about Human Trafficking in Ohio – 844-292-1318 Ohio legal aid

Maggie Fibbe Attorney of the Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio, LLC talks about the Human Trafficking in Ohio.
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What would it take to bring about a significant reduction in poverty in Greater Cincinnati? Part V of this series will focus on the role that a lack of affordable housing plays in keeping families and individuals in poverty. At this Community Issues Forum John Schrider, Senior Attorney/Director, the Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio, addresses this critical factor.
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Ohio Legal Aid PSA 30 – 844-292-1318 Ohio legal aid

Provide a legal voice to those who can’t afford it and help a child with disabilities succeed in school, assist a veteran in securing benefits, and protect a victim of domestic violence. You can make the difference.
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Provide a legal voice to those who can’t afford it and protect a victim of domestic violence. You can make the difference.