Beyond Oregon: Should terminally ill patients be allowed to choose death? – 844-292-1318 Oregon legal aid

While assisted suicide is legal in only three states, the story of 29-year-old Brittany Maynard, who moved to Oregon so she could legally end her own life, has brought the issue back into the national spotlight. NewsHour Weekend’s Stephen Fee reports on how this renewed debate may affect end-of-life care and the momentum for the assisted suicide movement.

How to Die in Oregon – Trailer – 844-292-1318 Oregon legal aid

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Winner of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival U.S. Documentary Grand Jury Award, How to Die in Oregon explores the state’s historic and controversial Death with Dignity Act, which legalizes physician aid-in- dying for some terminally ill patients. Watch this movie and dozens more free when you subscribe to Docurama:
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16mm Portland (OR) Civil Rights KOIN News Pull - MI# 07523 (R3)

March 1970 – July 1972; 16 mm, reversal, magnetic audio. For reference/educational purposes only. From KOIN Collection. Please contact OHS Moving Image Department with questions or permissions.

Shot List:

3/11/1970 Albina Survey; r results of survey of community on Blanchard’s plan for the 70’s revealed, canvas taken by human relations committee of PFT. 2 to 1 objected to 25% ceiling on black students proposed by Blanchard. Peggy Plosser, co-chairman of committee says survey showed 2 outstanding reactions. Frank Fair of teachers also speaks.

4/8/1970 Black Panthers; February shooting resulted in 4 organizations appearing before the City Council. They want to reopen the investigation into the shooting of 19 year old Albert Lee Williams at the Black Panther headquarters.

5/19/1970 Albina Rally; rally in Unthank Park, thought to be memorial service for recent shooting deaths of 8 southern blacks. Gathering to today memorial birthday of Malcolm X. Phil McLauren, director of Black Studies at PSU talks “need to get it together to challenge whites.

6/6/1970 Albina Clean Up; Oregon Army National Guard, Albina Ministerial Alliance and youngsters in Albina area joined forces to clean up the area. Company C, 141st support battalion in Portland and engineers from Tillamook. Father Gordon dickey paid 1 cent for every glass bottle taken to St. Andrew playfield.

7/21/1970 Portland City Council; briefed today on six-million dollar urban renewal project in vicinity of Emanuel Hospital.

9/4/1970 Shooting; Portland Black Panthers say they will impose a curfew in Albina following the shooting death of black man last night. 23 year-old Clarence Debnam died shots of phone booth where he was standing when shot.

9/12/1970 Albina Legal Aid Clinic (could be in 9/11); free legal aid clinic opened doors in Albina area. Located at 2509 N Williams Ave, Jay Folberg, Supervising attorney for the Albina Legal Aid Service was organizer & discussed the program.

9/22/1970 Albina; R.L. Anderson and Tom Wilson says there is conspiracy to put any outspoken Albina citizen involved in the Model Cities program behind bars. Anderson & Wilson named Schrunk and city council as perpetrators of the conspiracy.

7/29/1970 Emanuel Hospital; Portland Development Commission legal counsel, Oliver Norville tells city council the 6.3 million dollar project had approval of the planning commission and model cities citizen’s board. Lloyd Anderson asked why 3 planning said needed zoning suggestion. Tom Walsh says 3,000 person’s on waiting list for public housing & renewal project could add to problem.

10/21/1970 Emanuel Hospital; council chambers filled to capacity by member of Junior League who made up 1/2 of audience, members of Emanuel displaced persons assoc. said were concerned about being relocated with dignity & without financial loss. Mrs. Leo Warren, chairman of group presented council with 2 positions.

12/2/1970 Emanuel Hospital; group representing displaced persons in the path of Emanuel Hospital urban renewal project have successfully thrown a protesting wrench into the progress of plan. Emanuel Displaced Person’s Assoc. is 3 months old & organized by Robert Nelson of American Friends Service, summarized feeling of fear, afraid of increased mortgage payments. Attorney Holman Barnes says PDC failed to meet minority group assistance.

7/31/1972 Black Caucus; Fledgling Black Caucus moved deeper into the state’s political arena today with announcement of Oregon Black Agenda. Document is result of political convention. Lee Brown & John Toran talk.
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Workers Compensation Legal Help Portland, OR (800) 603-6833 – 844-292-1318 Oregon legal aid

Call us toll free: (800) 603-6833

Getting hurt on the job can be a life altering experience, especially if your company does not do their part in helping you get back on your feet. During those unfortunate times you will need a competent Worker’s Compensation Attorney to help get what you deserve.

The Hayes Firm is a legal finding service that will listen to the circumstances of your injury and connect you to the ideal Workers Comp Lawyer in your area. Best of all, our service is free.

If you live in Portland, OR and have been injured through no fault of your own you may be entitled to legal compensation. Reach out to us today and receive a free consultation. It’s our job to connect you quickly to the attorney that can help you in your time of need.

Oregon Murderer Chris Harper Mercer – Black Lives Matter Supporter – Wanted to Kill White People – 844-292-1318 Oregon legal aid

Oregon Murderer Chris Harper Mercer - Black Lives Matter Supporter - Wanted to Kill White People

Let the lies begin, Oregon shooter: Gunman identified as 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer – Black Lives Matter Supporter – wanted to kill White people, Obama blames gun control.

Media refuses to call him black man or racist.

Here is link to Part 2 after I have more information:

WAKE UP PEOPLE – drugs are outlawed and they are every where, killing is outlawed and people are killed every day, the Gov does not enforce laws they only want more laws. Guns are an object like cars, drugs, or planes, they do not kill things, people who use them wrong are the issue. If Gov can’t tell you they can keep you safe, what good are they.

Liberals will make this about a good crisis to get more laws and money so they can claim that will fix this, meanwhile Obama has stirred up this racial hate and conflict and now wants to claim he can fix it with more laws. STOP DRINKING THE KOOL AID.

✋ About the video / Community guidelines ✋
This footage is NOT intended to be violent or glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of critique and educating purposes.
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Justice Denied: The Courts in Crisis? – 844-292-1318 Oregon legal aid

November 30, 2012
Speaker(s): Chief Justice Balmer ; Former Chief Justice De Muniz
What does a healthy state court system look like and how do we sustain one? Chief Justice Tom Balmer and retiring Justice Paul De Muniz will discuss the present and future of Oregon’s state courts. Between them, these speakers represent more than 30 years on the state’s appellate courts and another 30-plus years of private practice and government service. With an eye toward the 2013 legislative session, the justices will discuss the role of the courts and the risks of underfunding, the condition of the physical courts, progress toward electronic filing and record-keeping, court staffing, judicial and staff compensation, and funding for legal aid.

Chief Justice Thomas Balmer was elected by his colleagues as Oregon’s 43rd Chief Justice and began service on May 1, 2012. He was first appointed to the Supreme Court by Governor John Kitzhaber in 2001; he was elected in 2002 and re-elected in 2008. He practiced with the Portland law firm of Ater Wynne LLP and its predecessor firm, Lindsay, Hart, Neil & Weigler, and also served as Managing Partner. Chief Justice Balmer has participated in various international legal programs, including lecturing on judicial ethics in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, under the auspices of the United Nations; working with judges and schools on law-related education in Zagreb, Croatia; and speaking to judges and court administrators through the Russian-American Rule of Law Consortium.

The Honorable Paul J. De Muniz was elected to the Oregon Supreme Court in 2000 and served as the court’s Chief Justice and administrative head of the Oregon Judicial Department from January 2006 to May 2012. Justice De Muniz speaks frequently to both national and international audiences on the importance of maintaining independent state judiciaries, improving state court administration and the need for adequate state court funding. Prior to ascending to the bench, Justice De Muniz was in private practice for 13 years with the Salem, Oregon, law firm of Garrett, Seideman, Hemann, Robertson and De Muniz P.C., where he specialized in complex criminal and civil litigation, as well as appeals. Justice De Muniz’s work has been recognized with a number of state and national awards, including the Oregon Hispanic Bar Association’s Paul J. De Muniz Professionalism Award, and the Edwin J. Peterson Racial Reconcilliation Award. Cowgirl Attorney Karen Thompson tells you how to figure out if you have drunk more than your legal limit of .08 and are at risk for a criminal DUI charge,

Got questions about dealing with a DUI charge? We got answers:

Oregon DUI Video

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Portland Divorce Lawyer | Call Us 503 334 0704 | Oregon Attorney – 844-292-1318 Oregon legal aid

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DUI Free Legal Help #3- What Is “Driving Under The Influence?” – 844-292-1318 Oregon legal aid

DUI Free Legal Help #3- What Is

Can you get arrested for driving under the influence of legal drugs that a doctor prescribed to you? Can you get a DUI even when you test below the legal limit of .08?

Got questions about dealing with a DUI charge? We got answers:

Oregon DUI Video


Legal Guardianship

This video provides a basic overview of legal guardianship including the tasks a legal guardian may perform, the requirements to become a legal guardian and legal guardianship vs child custody.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this video is offered for informational purposes only and should in no way be construed as legal advice on any subject matter. Anyone reading content from this site, clients or otherwise, should act or refrain from acting on the basis of any content included in the site without seeking the appropriate legal or other professional advice on the particular facts and circumstances at issue from an attorney licensed in the recipient’s state.
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Someone Like Me – St Andrew Legal Clinic 2012 Wine Auction Video – 844-292-1318 Oregon legal aid — St. Andrew Legal Clinic (SALC) is a unique public interest law firm that provides legal services to low-income families.

In this video, three former SALC clients share their stories about how they came to St. Andrew Legal Clinic, the help they received from SALC attorneys, and how that assistance has helped them.

St. Andrew Legal Clinic helps bridge the gap for families who do not qualify for Legal Aid and can not afford to hire a private attorney. As a result of the legal representation that SALC provides, families have increased financial security, stay off of welfare and are overall more productive members of our society. And more children also grow up in positive and safe environments as a result of SALC’s intervention.

St. Andrew Legal Clinic also offers the Community Development Law Center, which provides legal assistance to housing and development authorities throughout the state. The CDLC charges a modest hourly fee, to help Oregon’s non-profit agencies allocate more precious funding to provide direct service to at-risk families.

To learn more about whether St. Andrew Legal Clinic can help you and your legal needs, please visit our website:

We have three family law office locations in the Greater Portland Metro-Area serving low-income clients in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas and Columbia counties. Click here to learn more about our locations and hours of service.

You can support the St. Andrew Legal Clinic by visiting our website and learning how you can volunteer or donate (

About SALC ( — The Clinic plays a vital role in protecting families from domestic violence by providing legal advocacy for issues of adoption, child custody and support, protection orders, guardianship, parenting time, and spousal support. The clinic has been defending Oregon’s most vulnerable families since 1979 and in 32 years has helped 45,000 Oregonians and their 75,000 children.
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