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Welcome to the National Right To Work’s Weekly Wrap-up for the Fourth Week of February. The National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation averages about 200 active cases at any given time. Our goal is to help keep you informed about these cases as they move through the legal system.
This week’s update covers action involving the Teamsters union and the Laborers International union.
Teamsters union lawyers may have run their course on Tuesday when the U.S. Supreme denied the Teamsters Bosses’ Hail Mary appeal of another Foundation legal victory.
Despite multiple rulings against the union, union lawyers continued to try to find a court that would validate its discrimination against a worker from Oklahoma.
The Supreme Court denied an appeal filed by a Teamsters union challenging a ruling that struck down its policy of discriminating against nonmember workers employed by Interstate Bakeries in Oklahoma.
Kirk Rammage was a non-Teamsters member sales representative with Dolly Madison before his division was merged with Wonder Bread-Hostess.
Although the company wanted to protect Rammage’s seniority, Teamsters union officials insisted that Rammage lose all of his seniority despite his long workplace tenure.
With free legal assistance from National Right to Work staff attorneys, Rammage filed charges against the union with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).
The Board ruled against the Teamsters-imposed policy. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit upheld the NLRB’s decision after Teamsters’ lawyers appealed the Board’s ruling.
Meanwhile, a Supreme Court ruling nullified hundreds of Board decisions including this one because of a technical issue and a new NLRB decision needed to be made.
The Tenth Circuit then sent the case back to the newly filled NLRB. The NLRB revisited the facts of the case, and again concluded that Teamster officials broke the law by discriminating against employees. The Tenth Circuit upheld the agency’s ruling again and slapped Teamsters with monetary sanctions for the frivolous nature of the union’s lawyers’ second appeal.
“Teamster bosses pulled out all the stops — including going to the U.S. Supreme Court — to try to enshrine their discrimination against a worker who has the boldness not to associate with the Teamsters union,” said Mark Mix, President of the National Right to Work Foundation. “Teamsters union bosses will now pay for discriminating against workers who exercise their unconditional right to refrain from union membership.”
In West Virginia, persistence finally forced Laborers’ union bosses to abide by a federally sanctioned settlement.
With aid from the National Right to Work Foundation, Kimberly Wright filed a series of federal charges against a local union for refusing to honor her resignation from the union.
Laborers union officials kept forcing her to pay full union dues against her will and failed to provide her the legally-required disclosure of how its forced dues are spent.
Wright exercised her rights under the Foundation-won U.S. Supreme Court precedent in Communications Workers v. Beck, which allows workers to refrain from full dues paying union membership.
Because West Virginia does not have a Right to Work law on the books, workers can still be compelled to pay a part of union dues despite opting out of union membership.
After Wright filed a charge, the National Labor Relations Board reached a settlement with union officials. However, LIUNA union officials continued to collect full union dues from Wright’s paychecks ignoring the settlement, and forcing her to file another charge.
Finally, after Wright requested that they issue a complaint due to the union bosses’ non-compliance, union officials relented eventually refunding 26 months of overcharges to Wright and providing audit union records.
“LIUNA union officials ignored Kimberly Wright’s rights for months on end, but they still had the power to compel her to pay union dues or fees as a condition of her employment,” said Mark Mix, President of National Right to Work. “This case shows that workers need Right to Work protections making union membership and dues payments completely voluntary.”
Thank you for watching and we hope you will tune –in for next week’s update of the National Right To Work’s ongoing legal battle against forced unionism.
Please visit for information about these and other cases; or to inquire about the Foundation’s free legal services.

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Special Legal Notice to West Virginia Workers: What West Virginia’s Right to Work Law Means For Your Rights

Congratulations on being employed in the newest Right to Work (“RTW”) state. This special notice is intended to inform all West Virginia employees of their rights under this important new law.

Summary of Your Rights

1. West Virginia’s RTW law allows you to stop being a member of the union and stop paying any dues, fees, or other financial support to an unwanted union. It’s your choice, not the union’s or your employer’s, whether to join or financially support a union.

2. The West Virginia RTW law applies to collective bargaining contracts entered into, modified, renewed or extended after July 1, 2016. If you are subject to a contract in effect on or before June 30, 2016, you can be compelled to either pay union dues as a union member or fees as a nonmember until that contract expires, is modified, is renewed or is extended. Even if you are subject to a contract in effect on or before June 30, 2016, nonmembers have the right to object to a portion of those fees and pay reduced fees until the RTW law is effective for you.

The Foundation neither encourages nor discourages you from resigning, objecting, revoking your dues check-off, or eliminating the union from your workplace. Those decisions are yours alone. The Foundation is here simply explaining your legal rights in light of West Virginia’s RTW law. If you have any questions, or feel that your legal rights need to be protected, please call the Foundation at 1-800-336-3600 or click here.

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Waking the Sleeping Giant | Sabrina Shrader – 844-292-1318 West Virginia legal aid

From the film-in-production “Waking the Sleeping Giant: the Making of a Political Revolution” (, community organizer and social worker Sabrina Shrader fights back poverty in rural West Virginia.

Sabrina grew up in generational poverty in McDowell County, West Virginia and was the first in her family to graduate from high school and earn a bachelor’s degree in college. She has worked with a number of organizations and campaigns addressing the root causes of poverty, including Legal Aid of West Virginia, Upward Bound, and the Our Children, Our Future campaign. Her work on early childhood education and health was featured in the West Virginia PBS documentary “The First 1,000 Days” ( Sabrina is currently running for a seat in the West Virginia House of Delegates.

To hear more of Sabrina’s story, listen to her interview on West Virginia Public Radio at:

To learn more about the new film, go to:
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WV Legal Aid – FAST program launch – news story on WSAZ evening news – 844-292-1318 West Virginia legal aid

This was a news story done by WSAZ Channel 3 in Charleston, WV covering the public launch of West Virginia Legal Aid’s FAST program. The FAST program advocates and assists parents and children (with behavioral or emotional issues) within the educational system – to ensure fair and proper placement, treatment and issue resolution. The PR was handled by The Phillips Group of Charleston, WV. Program public launch on January 8, 2008

West Virginia is at the foot, or near to it, of virtually every list of problems and disadvantages in the United States. Poverty, literacy, and health issues. If it’s bad we lead in it. We are a depressed and impoverished people. How do such a people deal with the complexities of their lives?
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The Law Works – Legal Aid of West Virginia – 844-292-1318 West Virginia legal aid

Can you name a law firm that provides legal help to the poor and the working poor; to disabled and abused men, women and children; to the ill; and to the elderly? For free? I’m Dan Ringer and we’ll talk about Legal Aid of West Virginia, on the next The Law Works.