Circumcision – Your Legal Rights – 844-292-1318 Georgia legal aid

Atlanta, Georgia attorney, David J Llewellyn has represented over 50 circumcision-related lawsuits. In this video Llewellyn discusses circumcision and legal rights. The following questions are answered:

1. Who may bring about a circumcision-related lawsuit?
2. What is “informed consent”?
3. Who may be responsible for damages?
4. What are the time limits?
5. What sort of damages may be awarded?

Attorneys for the Rights of the Child (ARC) is an organization dedicated to safeguarding the bodily integrity of children. ARC is available to help people who feel that their rights were violated by a circumcision to which they did not agree, including those that happened in the first years of a child’s life. Depending on your age and the location and circumstances of your circumcision, legal remedies may be available.

If you are interested in learning more about the legal remedies that may be available to you as a result of your own circumcision, or the circumcision of your minor child, please contact ARC at (510) 464-4530 or by email to You may also visit the ARC website for additional information:
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19 thoughts on “Circumcision – Your Legal Rights – 844-292-1318 Georgia legal aid”

  1. I want to sue the fuck out of my circumciser/"hospital". Of course I don't know where or when it was but I do know it was 8 days old cringes. Please help me!

  2. CIRCUMCISION  WITHOUT A CONSENT IS WORSE CRIME THAN RAPE =SEX  WITHOUT CONSENT…because the boy's sex organ is afterwards damaged >permanently.

  3. Mr Llewellyn can look forward to a great deal of work. The American Academy of Pediatrics have misinformed either doctors or parents, for the last 100 years (and continue to do so)…..Governmental medical authorities across the civilised world have all condemned the barbarity except the USA and the UK.

  4. On my "consent form," next to the words "reason to operate" are the words "live birth."  Since when is "live birth" a reason to cut a penis?  My mother told me she didn't remember signing the form, which leads me to believe they forged her signature.  Today, they are both dead, but the hospital should be liable for child abuse, which should have no statute of limitations, and what cutting a child's penis is. 

  5. Circumcising kids without the the kids' consent is going to cost doctors hundreds of millions of dollars in the  coming years.

  6. Strictly speaking, Male Genital Mutilation is not surgery.   Surgery is defined as " the art, practice, or work of treating diseases, injuries, or deformities by manual or operative procedures." (Page 1915, Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary.  

  7. Great presentation Daved and Steven, hope there is a massive response to this video. With so many men having basic mutilation, (circumcision) in the US and 2 – 10% of babies circumcised having additional injuries to other structures of their penis, it's about time everyone wakens up and begins to roar!!

  8. Circumcision is barbaric and ugly. Wallersteins book on the subject is the best I have read!  Highly recommended!

  9. so there fore needless surgery is mutilation because the meaning of surgery is to save life or limb

  10. .one speaker  said that we men that are circumcised have a beta penis,   he said in a lot of cases it was also a medical student or inexperienced intern that practiced their first surgery or circ   by the way true meaning of surgery means to save life or limb  circ really isnt a surgery its a mutilation   since the meaning of surgery means to save life or limb then what is circ?.

  11. dont be fooled doctors today know well what they are cutting off, its called $$$$$$  babies have died from this and many a botched circ or loss of penis is not that uncommon    we should all be allowed to sue these hospitals and doctors  QUICKLY

  12. if u turn 18 and find out about your circ u can sue  after so many years say u find out when ur 25 or 30 its statute of limitations  u cant sue then more 18 yr olds once they find out they need to sue the hell out of these bastards

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