Colorado to Washington – 844-292-1318 Wyoming legal aid

Colorado to Washington

Right as you cross the border from Colorado to Wyoming, police come through the cabin, confiscate all your paraphernalia, handcuff you, toss you on the ground, and dare you to name three facts about Wyoming. Here’s what you’ll say:

1) Wyoming is the state so unnecessary it has the question “Why” built right into its name;
2) The state bird is fuck you;
3) It’s where people flee to because can’t show their face in Iowa anymore, a state which they originally fled to because they couldn’t show their face in any one of the other 48 cool states.

You’ll say all these things and get tossed out of the plane the end
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  1. Getting on a plane would be the trip SOOO much better. Can you have edibles? (Given its you're in a state where it's legal )

  2. Not being from Wyoming, I can tell you that it's vital for the U.S.'s current energy needs; providing a huge proportion of our coal, natural gas, petroleum, and uranium. Over a third of the coal mined in the U.S. comes from WY–more than any other state.

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