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An instructional video on how to record representation work at the Magistrates’ Court in LEAP.

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This video will cover how to record representation work at the Magistrate’s Court in a Legal Aid Criminal Billing matter.

Double click and open the relevant Matter. If the matter was previously a Police Station Attendance matter you will need to change the billing stage to ‘Criminal Proceedings’.
Select the relevant ‘Magistrate’s Court ID’, in this case we will select ‘Camberwell Green’. Complete the Means Assessment and Administration Tool ID, the Representation Order Date and Youth Court details if known and then select ‘OK’.

Select the ‘Time and Fees’ tab to record your time activities.
Click ‘New Time Entry’ and select the type of activity. Select the relevant ‘Hearing Type’ and ‘Person Attending’. Choose the activity description and click ‘Select’. ‘Save and Close’ the time entry after entering the number of units.
Items such as telephone and letter call outs are recorded as fixed fees. Select ‘New Fee’ and the Type of activity and description. You can amend the description or the quantity field to reflect the number of calls that you wish to record.

Mileage and other costs will need to be recorded under ‘Office Accounting’. From the ‘Office Accounting’ tab select ‘Cost Recoveries’ and then select ‘New Cost Recovery’.
Select Mileage from the list displayed and amend the description and quantity as desired.

After recording all time and fee entries for your representation at the Magistrate’s Court, you will need to raise an invoice. Before raising your invoice ensure that you have entered all legal aid contract details and updated the concluded date for Criminal Proceedings.
To generate an invoice select the ‘New Invoice’ button. Complete the Legal Aid Reporting fields including stage reached, the outcome and matter type. Select the Standard Fee Category. LEAP will automatically calculate the Standard Fee amount the Legal Aid Agency will award for your representation at the Magistrate’s Court. Click ‘OK’.
The invoice will be available in the monthly submission for the month entered in the date field. Mark the status of the invoice as ‘Final – Printed/Sent’ for it to appear in the above month’s submissions list.
The CRM11 – Claim Cost Summary Sheet can also be generated at this stage by clicking on the word icon and selecting the CRM11. Click ‘Save and Close’. The CRM11 will be generated with contract details and time and fee details auto-completed. Select ‘Save and Close’ to save a copy of the CRM11 to the matter.

When a case exceeds the relevant fee category limit and becomes exceptional, it will be highlighted under the Invoice heading next to the Total field.
If a case is exceptional, you will have the option to generate the CRM7 Non-Standard Fee Contract Work Assessment Form. Mark the status of the invoice as ‘Final – Printed/Sent’ and then click ‘Save and Close’. The CRM7 will be generated and auto-completed with all the criminal contract details entered into the matter and all the Criminal Proceeding time entries and cost recoveries. The invoice will not be listed in the Legal Aid Submissions window for the month as it has exceeded the Standard Fee Category limit.
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