Easy Technique for Thyroid Health with Titanya Dahlin! – 844-292-1318 Colorado legal aid

This is your Wednesday Energy Minute with Titanya Dahlin from Barker Meadow Reservoir in Nederland, Colorado! http://www.LearnEnergyMedicine.com

Dowsing the Fires is an excellent exercise to aid with hot flashes, improve thyroid health, and balance male and female hormones. Begin with the middle finger at the inside edge of each collar bone. Breathe in, and with the remaining fingers, press and drag across the top of each collar bone slowly, while stretching the neck in the opposite direction.


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Like love and interest, SAND can be a cruel master or a wonderful ally! Riding in sand scares a lot of adventure motorcyclists on larger bikes, but these tips on riding through sand should help you get through the grainy stuff without too many issues… and maybe even enjoy it!

I take GoatCabeza’s KLR650 for a ride through a local dune to find out just how difficult it is to ride a large bike in sand. I have seen guys like he and MrRojoneck blast through sand dunes with ease, and I wondered if I had it in me to pilot a big 650 beast through for myself.

After a few quick refresher lessons I felt up to the challenge. Constant throttle, feet on the pegs, weight way back over the rear… and never, EVER dump the throttle or hit the front brake. After a few short minutes and a high-side that launched me about 15 feet from the bike, I found myself REALLY loving the sand on the KLR 650. It wasn’t long before I let the riding lessons speak for themselves, and just had a blast getting the back end loose, charging through the dunes, taking quick-cutting turns, and whipping around 180s. Riding through sand well can make the difference between a loathsome day and a fantastic rip!

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21 thoughts on “Easy Technique for Thyroid Health with Titanya Dahlin! – 844-292-1318 Colorado legal aid”

  1. How many times do you do this on each side, and is this something to do each day? How many times per day? Thank you for your help :)

  2. I have ridden some street bikes with ribbed street tires in really deep sand in the past and was amazed how stable they were. I know this is partly a matter of steering geometry and center of gravity. One of the most recent was a Yamaha Vstar 1100 and was south Ga. deep sand going into i mile long drive way deep in ga. woods. I then get a KLR 650 and riding in same type conditions with trails tire it is constantly trying to wash out. I haven't ever dropped the KLR in sand but I was wondering if a deep ribbed type street tire has ever been tried for deep sand riding on klr.. The front tire just basically floats over terrain and is mostly surface area with no need of traction knobs.

  3. I spent 600 bucks and unlearned a lifetime of bad habits with a guy named Jimmy Lewis. Google him to find out what I am talking about. He and his wife Heather are amazing riders and instructors. Lean back and gas it is a great way to bust your ass and break your bike. Jon S is right, balance and throttle control are key.

  4. Just did the sand dunes in Eucla Australia and i was surprised at how well the old klr handled them, nothing stopped it.

  5. Great vid! My GSA is geared low and has high torque (vs the KLR) so I have been trained (and found it works best) to start in 2nd gear. I also gave up leaning back and now stay neutral more often. I find I trust my balance more and staying neutral lets me turn easier as well as not get so fatigued (out of breath).

  6. Please can you do a test in the sand on a BMW 1200 GS, I really need to know it can handle the soft stuff….. Great video and so well narrated!!

  7. Some additional tips for you bro:

    In addition to shifting your weight back, try standing up, pulling back evenly on the handlebars, and squeezing the bike between your knees a bit.

    Don't focus on steering with the handlebars, rely mostly on steering the bike with your lower body, I.E. your weight on the footpegs and pushing laterally with your knees.

    Speed is also a critical component, at a certain point, even the big KLR650 will stop wallowing and begin to plane… Probably 25+mph.

    With good technique, sand whoops are possible, but still not pretty.

  8. another little tip: use your feet to steer while in sand and forget about using the bars. its kind of like skiing; if you want to turn left, put all weight on the left foot and away she goes. otherwise, great little tutorial!

  9. I love how the KLR is labeled as a dual sport but seems more like an adventure bike. It's so big and weighs 100 pounds more than an XR650L but is dead even in a drag race. Amazing.

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