Episode 7 – Full Episode: Services to Assist Noncustodial Parents Who Owe Arrears – 844-292-1318 Missouri legal aid

Episode 7 - Full Episode: Services to Assist Noncustodial Parents Who Owe Arrears

Every Parent Should Watch This Video; Especially Fathers!

Episode 7 of the Custodial Support Forum provides insight into what many would say is a flaw in the Child Support Enforcement system within America, when a Noncustodial Parent loses their job and is unable to pay their child support.

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In Part 1 of Episode 7, a Noncustodial Parent discloses how the court denied the opportunity to reduce his child support obligation after losing his job. The continued obligation led to an accumulation of arrears, which triggered an arrest warrant, and child support judgment on his credit report. Never having a prior criminal record, he never received notice of the arrest warrant, and he was arrested. After spending several months in the Bergen County Jail, he contacted the Custodial Support Foundation, and was provided with an attorney, who was able to convince the Judge to release him and reduce his child support obligation.

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What Services Are Available For Noncustodial Parents Who Owe Arrears?

Answer: Amnesty Program

See: http://www.custodialsupport.org/amnesty_program.html

In Part 2 of Episode 7, Attorney Alexandra Stremler discusses how important it is for Noncustodial Parents to retain the services of an attorney to assist in their child support related problems. She raises the issues that many judges feel if a Noncustodial Parent can afford an expensive attorney, they can afford to pay their child support arrears. She explains how the Custodial Support Foundation Amnesty Program’s cost effective legal fees, enables an attorney to represent a Noncustodial Parent can’t afford to pay their arrears, when applying for a downward child support obligation.


The Custodial Support Foundation provides an Amnesty Program for noncustodial parents that owe child support arrears, have arrest warrant for unpaid arrears, revoked driver’s licenses, revoked passports and income tax levies.

The program provides legal and collection services to enable noncustodial parents to establish settlement agreements to pay their arrears, suspend their arrest warrants, restore their licenses, restore their passports and stop income tax levies for the nonpayment of child support.

1. Noncustodial parents agree to an easy payment plan to repay all arrears, enter into a repayment agreement and completes a certification that is provided to the court to:
● Vacate Child Support Warrants
● Reinstate Licenses
● Reinstate Passports
● Stop Income Tax Withholdings
2. Agreements are established between the Office of Child Support Enforcement and a certification is prepared for the court to accept the motion of repayment.
3. Noncustodial parents provide all of the necessary information to enable the Office of Child Support Enforcement to garnish all future child support payment to prevent the accumulation of additional arrears.
4. Noncustodial parents make court appearances with a pre-accepted Motion for the repayment with the first payment to have the court grant the order to vacate child support arrest warrants, reinstate licenses, reinstate passports and stop income tax withholdings.
5. Noncustodial parents can live a fulfilled life that enables the privileges of the American Dream, without the fear and the threat of being arrested.
Noncustodial parents who need help with obtaining a downward modification of the child support order or structuring programs to repay their arrears should call the Custodial Support Foundation’s Call Center at (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4357. Viewers can also visit the Custodial Support Foundation’s website at http://www.CustodialSupport.org.
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  1. Family law is an utter catastrophe and a crime against humanity.

    The governments and the lawyers have destroyed the family unit and children have lost their fathers.

  2. This B ! t € h is crazy. She says a man should be arrested. Please someone put this gold diggin' jackass in front of a firing squad and shut her up! This is why men should NOT get married. The question is, she has kids. Why is it that she don't have a job? Kids or not. If a man should have a job, a woman should have a job. It takes 2……. INCOMES! Why should any man pay for a child that he can't interact with? Thank GOD I don't have kids.

  3. The whole system is evil! I have tried to go to court 4 times to fix the hell injustice I have lived in the last 13 years. I am a Proud man that has always lived up to my responsibilities. 2 months after the mother of my son received a support order she walked out on my son at the age of 10 no word contact at all. 9 years later she filed for arrears and is now getting $500.00 per month. FOR WHAT? I told Child support because I received a brain injury I was unable to work. Child services came to see his living conditions and wrote a letter to child support that his best interest was with me. They called us in gave him a guardian at limed and told me I wouldn't be responsible for any further support. When I went to court I showed the judge everything he keeps telling me it doesn't change the facts of the case. Someone Please explain to me how can one parent take care and pay for all the child's needs. then when the job is done pay the parent that ran out on the child? This has put me in poverty so I have no chance of getting a lawyer….. And they call this a just system ..

  4. that unemployed bitch needs to stfu and find a job.that bitch is whats wrong with women today.why do they even have that ignorant bitch on the panel?she should be looking for a job.and for her to say the man should be locked up ,how will he be able to pay anything if he is in jail?

  5. child support is the REAL lottery. but its short lived Shanaynay! 18 and over..men research these females or get a vasectomy!

  6. project child support is no here to represent justice or equality  they represent the interests of the child support system

  7. she is unemployed and needs help taking care of her kid   why don't the courts go after her to get a job  and take her license untill she can provide for her kid ….if she cant give the kid to the father .. heres the cycle   they take half your paycheck,father can't pay his own bills,high stress effects his job  so he loses it. child support takes his license,he can't get a job  so they throw him in jail..tax payers pay 4 times the mans child support to have him locked away  the courts and jail systems  make large proffits……..wake up  its just buissness people…..if it were about the kids they would check in on kids to make sure that they are being cared for properly and that the money is going to them………but they don't

  8. Throwing a person in jail for child support arrears is breaking the law because over 200 years ago debtor's prison was outlawed in the United States of America. It takes two people to make a child, two to raise the child also, quit breaking up families and find god.

  9. If you are are not being properly credited for the child support payments you are making, or you are not being properly billed, you should file a motion to have your account properly credited.  If you need legal services, call Project Child Support at 855-851-4357 (HELP).

  10. CP's  get help from the state when they can't afford their children.
    NCP's get penalized, and jailed when they can't afford their children.

  11. Hello, everyone well your probably wondering who I am, well I'm going to give you a little helpful information on child support that may help you fight the wicked Magistrates, and the family court judge, "No where in the Code of Federal Regulations or Federal Child Support Statutes (42 U.S.C. Sections 659-671) does it allow for the incarceration/imprisonment of ANYONE for child support debts. If this happens to you sue them for false imprisonment, kidnapping, and anything else that comes your way, fight the cruel way of thinking, I have been incarcerated for 3 months and I'm a woman,  I don't agree with this fraud that has been imposed on each of the families, and I'm here to say your not alone, I'm being threatened again to be incarcerated tomorrow, they gave me a court document called Notice of Motion, it seems the judge gave me a year to pay back my arrears, but the Child Support collection agency didn't like that outcome, I will not be going to that, I have set myself to have the judge set another court date and prove that I haven't been paying a debt, I have incurred a heart condition worrying if I'm going to jail over Fraud, I tell you and everyone else, this will end soon, there will be a change in the court system, I'm working with a special person to get everyone out of jail due to fraud…I believe we can make a change for my daughter who doesn't speak to due to this child support bull shit, and whats really sad is I never was an abusive parent, I always gave, and I'm being treated like I killed my best friend…its sad for everyone who has to go through this Fraud…Please pray!!

  12. In New jersey the child support enforcement unit is nothing more then a pack of poorly trained low lifes who do nothing.  I have a friend who paid his child support, but when he lost his job the court would not lower the payment after awhile arrears started.  They attached his pay for the child support and an amount for the arrears which left him little to live on.  When his child turned 18 the child support was ended after a long process of getting the court to address it.  The arrears were still there and and they keep the amount the same for those.  He became totally disabled recently and has SSI now as his only source of income they now take close to $500.00 from the $1200.00 he gets each month and they don't care.  His daughter who is now 24 years old and lives very well does not care as long as she gets the money.  You would think the courts would have enough sense to see this is not right they are more or less taking money from someone who now does without things just to live for what a 24 year old who feels entitled.  the poor man goes without medication and eats some days at soup kitchens so his 24 year old daughter gets her arrears while living in a nice condo.  You would think after making him live so many years without to pay the child support and arrears that now he is dying they leave him alone……New Jersey and you perfect together as long as you can pay.

  13. These ladies are absolutely crazy…. this is the reason why the divorce rate was so high……….. stupid women!

  14. yall as so ill-informed…. none of you have considered the Constitutionality of this issue. Yall are all partaking in ill gotten gains! Custodial parents should be required to give account regarding what the money has been spent on. 

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