10 thoughts on “Follow the Boise blood trails; possible stabbing @ Neurolux; downtown; Idaho – 844-292-1318 Idaho legal aid”

  1. I am convinced that is a dog's blood trail and again, that isn't that much blood. Perhaps a belly wound. The way it keeps moving; the apparent gate; the proximity to the ground as indicated by the relatively unpronounced splatter from the drops; crossing streets at angles; handrailing sidewalks instead of walking centered; and finally, people tend to ask for and get help when bleeding.

  2. gall Blatter attacks feels like a heart attack I know I had to have mine out and it hurts so bad like some one is stabbing you in the chest

  3. I know there has been a few stabbings, a couple of shootings just in the past few days in the area. I know the cop was killed in the one shooting and one of the stabbings was deadly aswell. I'll have to check the news. ar first I thought it was a nose bleed because of the way the drips were but that's far too much blood.

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