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Real Estate License - Practice Exam #3 - Federal Housing Law, Leasing and Tenants - Free Test, USA


Knowing what to expect in the real test is the first step to overcoming test anxiety and to scoring high on your exam. You can take and practice this real estate exams as many times as you want until you have mastered the questions and key concepts. Our practice exams are proven to help individuals get into their comfort zones and improve their test scores.

This unique prep tool allows students to both test their acquired technical knowledge and practice writing a mock exam within the constraints of time.

The main topics covered in this Real Estate Certification – Practice Exam #3 are:

• Federal Housing Laws
• The purpose of Fair Housing Laws
• Civil Rights Act of 1968
• Americans with Disabilities Act
• Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act
• Discrimination in Sale or Rental
• Discrimination in Brokerage Services
• Redlining, Blockbusting, Steering
• Residential Landlord and Tenants Acts
• Requirements for a Valid Lease
• Additional Provisions in a Lease
• Types of Leases
• Breaking a Lease
• Deposit and Advanced Rents
• Landlord’s Rights and Obligations
• Tenant’s Rights and Obligations
• Termination of Rental Agreements
• Eviction Requirements
• Managing Property

What you need to know to pass your exam in all the 50 states. All questions answered and explained. You don’t need to memorize the questions and answers because this is not the real exam, instead you should read and understand the concepts behind the question. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your chances of passing your Real Estate Licensing exam.
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  1. Thank you ! I don't have a real estate license,but I am Disabled ! I love knowing what is legal and what is not !! I currently have a neighbor tormenting me for no reason at all(trust me)….He has been advised if he continues I will seek Legal counsel.Talk about Medication I have to take 14 medicines a day in order to even survive.! My son has been out of work and he looks in on me daily.I have been Divorced for 11 yrs…He is the only real man and a very good male friend,I have to look over me.This is soo very unfair,and he is tormenting another neighbor over a car alarm….unbelievable but true !! What a coward to pick on a single,often lonely,sick woman ! I have no more words

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