How to install your own septic system – Building a house – 844-292-1318 legal aid Vestavia Hills Alabama

Building A House; How to install your own septic system!
Daniel Woodell

During construction of our new house I decided to install my own septic system. This video shows the process it takes and how to go about doing it yourself to save a lot of money. It shows you what you need and the time it takes. This is a gravity feed septic system and shows how to install septic yourself.

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  1. How much soil do you have above the top of those Infiltrators? I am considering using them myself. It looks like they are real shallow (close to the surface) and I have not found much info on what is required. I'm also in Wa., SeaTac area, and I haven't found much useful info on govt. sites such as how far these leach lines have to be separated or depth, you name it. Great video and thanks for posting it.

  2. Those holes 4 ft deep for the inspector are a mystery to me…….for me Its a contingency for buying the lot that a perk test be done before the lot is purchased….not after the septic/leech field is put in. What if the inspector says sorry folks the dirt not good enough….too bad. All that needs to be handled before you buy the lot….


  4. How much would you estimate the materials and permits cost on the system, and thanks for the effort to post this, very good training video.

  5. Nice job Daniel, wish they would of had you tube when we did our first two houses. My wife and I have built 3 houses. Starting in 1980 and finished the LAST ONE in 2009. The first one we dug everything by hand. Waterlines, septic tank, leach lines and footings. Too exhausting. The second we rented equipment. The third and FINAL we bought the same tractor, backhoe and loader, you have very good choice. I agree with your brother that unless you are going to continue using the equipment the best thing is to rent. We have 40 acres of farmland so always using the equipment.This was pretty interesting as I'd never seen those infiltrators before. We used perforated pipe laid in 3' trenches with a foot of leach rock below and above, 600' feet of lines. The last house was so much harder as far as the hoops necessary to jump through because of the regulatory agencies. But framing was so much easier with nail guns. Thanks for the video.

  6. wow.  installed d-box wrong and lines are probably not far enough apart.  I'm a county inspector

  7. Thanks again Daniel. As I am pretty sure the top of my septic tank is higher than the bottom of my footings, I really hope i do not have to sleeve through the crawl space wall as I am not entirely sure how to properly seal around this penetration without incurring any water in my crawl space? Maybe I have to lower my septic tank? Not sure how far down I have to dig for my footings yet however. Fingers crossed.

  8. Next time dig out the tree do not cut it down . Use Excavator to push over tree stump and all. I have logged in the north west. Tree makes a good lever for stump.

  9. my boy just did one in az at ranch   28 infiltrators over kill passed inception good to go  make no senses that there level

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