Iglesia Ni Cristo – International Aid for Humanity – Times Square, New York (Hurricane Sandy) – 844-292-1318 New York legal aid

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Presents social involvement of the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) through its socio-civic program Lingap sa Mamamayan (International Aid to Humanity). (Filipino)

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The NYPD might get all the stop-and-frisk attention, but a recent ACLU report found the tactic to be just as problematic in Chicago. Vennessa Redmond from Chicago’s First Defense Legal Aid breaks down for AJ+ what to do if it happens to you. From video journalist Jackie Kostek in Illinois.

ACLU Report on Chicago Stop-and-Frisk: http://www.aclu-il.org/stop-and-frisk-in-chicago1/

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17 thoughts on “Iglesia Ni Cristo – International Aid for Humanity – Times Square, New York (Hurricane Sandy) – 844-292-1318 New York legal aid”

  1. I was there at Times Square right in front about 7-10 meters away of the stage. I arrived and found my friends (the wonder of cell phone). I was surprised it was not what our INC friend described to us that it will be a help out even for homeless people of NY. I didn't really want to go for I am not homeless though jobless. She insisted for all of closed friends to come. So we did and I saw ourselves in front of the stage right behind couple of chairs reserved for the ministers. As you can see it was a televised event with stage programs with so much fanfare and surely, the gift giving to homeless was just an excuse to showcase INC to the world. When the program started, national locales all over USA were announced. The announcer would announced a locale and few people like 7-10 on my sides would shout yeah who representing the locale mentioned. And I heard their usual talks. 

    Anyway, I couldn't feel any grace from God in my heart which normally I would feel in event as huge as this. But I felt disappointed and sad for it was a televised event, a showcase for INC. After about 30 minutes of listening I left silently and my friends asked me afterwards (3 hours) when we saw each other in Queens Blvd. I didn't explain my reason why I left I just said I didn't feel good. I was not there for the gift, I wanted to know more about what INC does about how they help out.

    It wasn't a help out, it was a televised event to showcase INC to USA. How can it be a help out when members from all over USA had to come in white? There are so many help out centers all over NY City and nothing like this ever happens. You can go to help out center, line up, pick up your free foods and go. You will not see people dressed in white with fanfare for such a help out event. There were more INC members than the homeless people who were there to receive the help-out. 

    One of my friends too left after me not waiting for anything. Personally, I was so embarrassed of myself for going there and so my other friend too who likewise left without getting anything. 

    According to our INC friend we should have waited for there were not enough homeless people & orphaned childewn who came for the help-out so they ended up receiving so many bags. It was supposed to be one bag for each homeless. The bag by the way has INC logo and name. Like what you get when you go to stores like Macy's. Bags use by help-out centers all over NY City are normally colored plain (light blue) with no logo or writings on them. The help-out were not really foodstuff but goodies that homeless don't really need. Members were not supposed to get or receive but she (INC) and others received as well for there were not enough homeless people to receive contrary to what the lead minister said.

    At the beginning of this video, the lead minister mentioned that 4 days earlier there was supposed to be another big storm to hit NYC the day of the event. But due to the intercession of Eduardo Manalo, INC's Father or Executive Minister, the storm never came and to the lead minister it was a miracle. Well there was an announcement of light snow falls just one of those daily normal forecasts but surely not a another big of a storm like Hurricane Sandy that just devastated New Jersey and New York month earlier. What a lie! There was light snow in many parts of State of NY but it wasn't to hit NY Times Square where the event was to happen.

    In conclusion, it was a showcased televised event about INC and not really a help-out event. The help-out was just used. Why would ministers come dressed up with their nice coat and tie? Members came in white with INC logo, etc. There were more members than bags and homeless people and orphaned children combined.  

  2. Isang religious group mula sa isang 3rd world country ang gagawa ng ganito? Kasama talaga ng Iglesia ang AMA.

  3. Isang religious group mula sa isang 3rd world country ang gagawa ng ganito? Kasama talaga ng Iglesia ang AMA.

  4. Great, more fucking shit to clog up America's already fucking bullshit justice system. Please get cancer.

  5. Why would police read you your Miranda rights if you're being stopped? It's not required. You can deny a search, but if there is reasonable suspicion you can't say no. Also it's not under the rules of the fourth amendment. 
    So if in this video your using the term search for a "Terry stop" then half this information is wrong.

    If it's search in the concept of going through your car or pockets then it would be correct.

  6. Know your rights. Also, know how not to get tazed. After you have stated that you do not consent to search or seizure of you, your vehicle, or your dwelling (even if your dwelling is a tent made out of blankets under a park bench), the police WILL search you. Check your temper. Do not fight with the police. Do not physically resist if they arrest or detain you illegally (kidnapping). Stay calm. Stay safe. Stay alive. Pay attention to everything they say and do. Follow instructions. You may not have consented, but cooperation is not consent.

  7. What happens if they do that chokehold like what the nypd did to that poor black man? When you're choked you can't talk.

  8. Lol.. Your words against theirs.. Just bend over, and hope for the best.. The police can lie just like anybody else! And who do you think is the trust worthy? In the court, it's not going to be yours.. Sigh! Wake up..

  9. If I question the police why I'm being searched where I come from they will kick me in the nuts and ask: Are you hiding something boy? Only people who are hiding something ask this kind of stupid ass punk question!

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