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  1. judging from the his shooting stance, the cop could've and SHOULD'VE aimed for Walter's leg..just aim the gun DOWNWARD. THAT aim is "shoot to kill" aim.

  2. Hold up a minute. Did you notice how the woman NEATLY tried to defend the police officer by saying "He doesn't know if he (the police officer) has hit him." ? Then the man sitting beside her, Neil, offset the lie she told by saying " I'm just amazed at how FOCUSED he was when he fired those 8 rounds."
    We have to be on point at ALL times when dealing with these TYPE of sneaky devils. Everyone who watches the video KNOWS that the dirty cop KNEW he shot that man dead. So what's she talking about by pretending the criminal police officer didn't know if the shots he fired actually hit Walter Scott ? What a slithering slippery snake ! lol

  3. I love the fact that other officers from other States are being honest and not trying to justify this shooting

  4. Two factors in play for this officer being charged…..Two Factors……..1. it was caught on camera….2. there is sufficient mass assembled in protest over the shooting…….sufficient force is being applied to force the DOJ to press a charge against the officer………….you must have both factors in play to put a cop on trail……………Therefore, right now laws are being passed to make it a crime to video tape police officers in public…………….Yes, really is, not kidding……

  5. The Cop was Wrong.. Evil Even>> to shoot that Man but I can say the Man was wrong for Running in the first place… He put himself in danger the second he ran… End of Story! Two wrongs don't make a right.. A Man Lost his life… why? Because you don't run from cops and unfortunately he had a Cop who had a bad history of being in bad judgement, and being bias.. Sorry for the Mother and Family of the Man who died, but I'm sorry for the Mother of this Cop too… Let this be a lesson to All Policeman… Don't think you can just get away with shooting someone for running… or beating people up, people are now fighting back… You were Sworn or took an Oath the Day you decided to Become a Police Officer.. To Protect… All People.. Not just who you think you like… If A Cop hurts you for no reason… SUE the Police Station and also the City it's in! Get an Attorney… And Fast!!!.. Maybe it'll Open their Eyes.. and All Cops should have to go thru Psychiatric Treatment… in order to be on the Force

  6. What every news station has missed in their "video analyses" is the obvious throwing gesture that Scott made at the precise moment that the taser hit the ground and tumbled behind the officer. Also missed, was the two taser cartridges lying on the ground with one attached to Scott's leg as the prong ends were attached to the officer. The prongs did not disengage from the officer until after he fired 2 or 3 shots. Scott did grab the taser and fire it at the officer, therefore, the officer had probable cause to believe that Scott was a desperate and dangerous man which gave the officer the Constitutional authority to use deadly force on the fleeing suspect. Also, it was likely that Slager was looking around for additional threats before he reholstered his firearm (at that time he didn't know where Scott's passenger was or if he had followed them). He also did not plant the taser. He ran back to secure it after he realized that Scott no longer had possession of it (he likely didn't see Scott throw it behind him before Scott ran). He dropped it 3 to 4 feet away from Scott's body in front of two witnesses and then picked it up a minute later and reholstered it. In order for him to have planted it, he would have had to have no obvious witnesses and leave it near Scott (or in his hand) for investigators to find and then neglect to tell them that it was he who place it there.

  7. This is NOT the first time a Charleston cop has killed in cold blood. Just the first time it was caught on camera. I have lost all trust for the local police here.

  8. The second officer that arrived on the scene there is no doubt he watch the first officer that shot Scott throw the Taser down they both should be charged

  9. My sister dated a cop that was training he said the only reason he is being a cop to kick people's ass and get away with it so there's the mentality of what people are hiring to protect them. Or kill them.

  10. so according to you all, this single video proves that ALL cops are racist, murdering pigs right? So then what do the thousands of videos on youtube showing blacks killing other people prove about ALL black people? If you don't understand my point then you're an idiot.

  11. This video is fake Hollywood style please white people and black people don't buy this crap this is Hollywood and not real.

  12. planting evidenceven, but if no video of this happening, hence how many times done to all victims of cops with a gun?  he would have walked…

  13. fired? the dude tried to take his tazer and then bailed out. you dont do that shit when a cop is pointing a gun at you. if you are doped up enough or stupid enough to do that its your own fault if you get shot. maybe he will learn from his mistake. i hope he does.

  14. He should be in jail and be tried for murder .I'm a white person not everyone plays the color game.I thank obama is against all people that don't worship satan .

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