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Overview of Major Topics Covered:
Punishment; Statutes; Actus Reus; Mens Rea; General Intent; Specific Intent; Model Penal Code; Causation; Murder; Voluntary Manslaughter; Involuntary Manslaughter; Reckless Murder; Negligence; Felony Murder; Merger; Rape; Battery; Assault; Mayhem; Kidnapping; Negative Defenses; Affirmative Defenses; Defense of Others; Defense of Habitation/Property; Law Enforcement Defense; Necessity; Duress; Voluntary Intoxication; Involuntary Intoxication; Insanity; Entrapment; Inchoate Offenses; Attempt; Solicitation; Conspiracy; Accomplice Liability; Abandonment; Larceny; Larceny by Trick; Robbery; Burglary; Embezzlement; Receipt of Stolen Property; False Pretenses; Extortion; Claim of Right

About the Professor:
Professor McCormack is the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs at the University of Michigan Law School and is a clinical professor with the Michigan Clinical Law Program, where she teaches a criminal defense clinic, a domestic violence clinic, and a pediatric advocacy clinic. Before joining the faculty, Professor McCormack was a Robert M. Cover Fellow at Yale Law School. She earned her law degree from New York University School of Law where she was a Root-Tilden scholar, and her B.A., with honors in political science and philosophy, from Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut. She has worked as a staff attorney with the Office of the Appellate Defender and was a senior trial attorney with the Criminal Defense Division of the Legal Aid Society, both in New York City. McCormack has been published in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review and co-authored the Criminal Defense Motions Book for the State Appellate Defender’s Office. McCormack’s current clinical practice, as well as her research and scholarship, focuses on criminal charging issues.
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  1. I'm in california, a victim of family law. I want to sue the state of california and or the federal gov. for making me poor and ignoring my rights as a victim but first and for most as a citizen for this country

  2. It's true that society's view from movies and tv skews are bias towards criminal law, but probably don't have a clear view of it. 

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