Intro to GIS Mapping – 844-292-1318 North Carolina legal aid

GIS Mapping displays data geographically. Major news publications have used it to map poverty in America, demonstrate the impact of food stamp cuts, and display election results.

Maps can also be a key tool for legal aid organizations, to help you learn more about the clients you serve and the program services you deliver. LSNTAP and LSC will host a three-part series on GIS mapping that explains what it is, provides examples from the field, and demonstrates ways to map with free software.

The first webinar will cover the basics of GIS mapping, and provide examples from legal aid organizations that are using maps for planning, communications, and program evaluation.

Bill Kennedy from Legal Services of Northern California

Dave Sobie from Legal Aid of North Carolina

Jonathan Pyle Philadelphia Legal Assistance

Mara Pellittieri LSC

Christina Sanabria LSC

Recorded on February 11, 2011.

Part of the conference: Our Youth at a Crossroads: the Collateral Consequences of Juvenile Adjudication.

Duke Forum for Law & Social Change.

Appearing: Keith Howard (Legal Aid of North Carolina), speaker.