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Video and text by Sam Mayfield- cross posted from her Sam Land blog

On June 6th two journalists were arrested at the state capital in Madison, WI.

I was one of them.

I was grabbed by an aggressive and very escalated police officer after walking in to the state capital on June 6th. Officer Corcoran told me to leave, to “get out”. It was bewildering because I was already in the building and was simply walking by him filming my way in to the rotunda.

He grabbed me aggressively. I told him, in the friendliest voice I could find, that I was with the press. He let me walk by.

I recognized him from the many times I have been in the building over the past four months covering the gentle uprising as it develops and unfolds around Governor Scott Walker’s controversial budget repair bill.

Alex Noguera-Garces was assisting me this day, she was also stopped. I told Corcoran that she was with me and was a member of the press. Initially he let her through. When she stayed behind to film his treatment of citizens as they entered the building he grabbed and arrested her. She was hauled away in handcuffs. It came to my attention that she was being taken away. I went to her aid and when I explained that “I was a member of the press” Corcoran let me know that “I could go too”. Referring to jail and being arrested like Alex.

Alex was in taken to an elevator. While inside, before the doors closed, she handed me her camera that was dangling in her hand, likely to fall given the situation. I accepted the camera. At that time Corcoran dropped Alex to the ground, lunged at me from the elevator and tackled me. The excessive force he used left bruises on my arms and hips.
Corcoran never gave me a straight answer as to why he grabbed me or why I was being arrested. He changed his story three times between the time I was in the elevator with him and while he processed my and Alex’s charges in the basement.

While in the basement I was pushed around by another office. Literally. I was standing talking on my cell phone, calling for support and an officer came in to the hallway, pushed me from behind, shoving me against a table and told me to “calm down”.
Is this the new way that reporters and citizens can expect to be treated in the Wisconsin State Capital? The environment was hostile. The exertion of arbitrary authority was overwhelming. Cops pushing citizens and journalists around because they think they can get away with it.

We must let them know that journalists and citizens alike will not be pushed around, we will not tolerate the use of excessive force simply because someone is wearing a badge.
We do not have to leave a public building simply because a man or a woman with a gun and badge tells us to do so. We are critical thinking individuals; we have the right, the ability and the obligation to challenge authority.

Eventually we were both charged with disorderly conduct, given a 3.50 fine and a court date slated for June 17th.
The officer that escorted us out marked us with a blue sharpy. Giving us a blue X on our right hand. He told us we could not re enter the capital that day.

More people were arrested on Monday than in the days when thousands of people occupied the state capital in February and March.

The following day I filed a complaint with Corcoran’s superior. Requesting that he be removed from the first line of defense in “protecting” the people and the capital. I suggested that maybe he be given a few days off as he was clearly over extended in his ability to maintain a clear head and make smart choices whilst under pressure. I learned that he was not working that day and that he would also have the following day off. Perhaps his superior was already savvy to his need for a break.

Monday, June 6th was a significant day as it was the first day the Wisconsin Supreme Court began hearing arguments in the legal challenge to the controversial state law that strips collective bargaining rights for public workers.
More than a thousand people paraded around the capital calling attention to Walker’s budget stating that it is “a death sentence to the people of Wisconsin”.

My work in Wisconsin will continue. In addition to weekly video news stories, I am making a documentary film about the gentle revolution that exists here. I hope it continues to be gentle and that the brave people of Wisconsin will continue to stand up strong and set an example for the rest of the country.
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  1. listen asshole. I know the chief of the police who had her arrested and he is a nice guy. She had refused his advances 2 weeks before so she got what she deserved. you dont refuse yhe advances of a chief of police.

  2. yet,they target the press,try to suppress it if you cant,arrest them and use trumped up charges!ive seen it before in this place,when walker was having recall the cops did just as much damage as the protesters did!wis cops are corrupt and crooked to the core,all of them!!

  3. All too many media folk are wimps that ignore the occupation-troops mentality of a militarized 'police'. So those 'police' can 'get along' fine with those boot-licking media staff. What was done to the reporter on public grounds is a clear violation of the First Amendment and of the people's right to know what is being done with the sovereign powers they've delegated to government. Even a demand to see 'press identity documents' is a Nazi imitation – "Your papers, plisss…"

  4. Where along the lines did I say anything that would make me out to be a Nazi or to have a desire to attend a kkk meeting??
    I will correct myself regarding my last comment. Not all media are liberal freaks, however the ones in this video are just flat out "freaks"! (including yourself) They give the true media a bad name. Because for the most part the media doesn't act this way….

  5. These so called Press people are nothing more than a breach of Security.
    Their goal is to cause trouble and to create a story.
    The Press should know that they can't just walk in a rush the Cop! Real smart, and you wonder why you got arrested..

  6. flipping pigs…..record ALL police stops to protect the public….they are drunk with power. Good ol fashioned civil disobedience.

  7. search for reporter arrested on youtube alone you can see a large number of events ever since november 2010 the republican masters want to shut off all means of communication to hold the public in the dark about what's really happening because the internet has shown people time and time again exactly what they are up to. SOPA PIPA ACTA and OPEN all must die!

  8. Cops aren't out of control they are very much in control and they are now being used as a weapon against journalists and the press. Just recently the director of Gasland was at a "public" fracking hearing when he was arrested for trumped up charges it's happening all over the place in the US but you won't see it on national cable corporate owned news stations.

  9. @Thanos82 Actually no she didn't interfere what happened and you can clearly see it in the video you linked was the cop decided to shove her out of the elevator instead of letting her talk to the arrested girl while leaving the building, that's not obstruction of justice that's the cop deciding what can and will be revealed by the girl's testimony to the press and it's offensive that you would defend him when he was clearly in the wrong.

  10. @videoguy604

    Wrong. A conservative, someone who believes in the bill of rights, would not allow something like this. If he or she calls himself a conservative, they are charlatans, and can be "neo-conservative". Neo-cons currently make up most of the republican party.

  11. Looks like the pigs came on here to hit "dislike"…assholes. It's just getting worse. My brother and I had to go through a huge amount of unecessary suffering simply because he is a homosexual and a now-infamous cop is a bigot.

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