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Abandoned Homes Panel

The 2nd Annual Community Development Workshop was help on January 30th, 2014 at the Kauffman Conference Center. The Community Capital Fund’s Annual Community Development Workshop brought together neighborhood associations, nonprofits, public agencies, residents, and other stakeholders that live and work in historically under-invested and under-resourced communities in Kansas City, Missouri. Workshop participants had the opportunity to network with people doing similar work, share insights on how to best address issues and opportunities in the area, and connect to critical resources.

This session will provide information on what neighborhoods can and should do to deal with vacant and poorly maintained homes and lots. Often, abandoned homes and vacant lots are viewed as an eyesore, but what can residents and neighborhoods do to turn these eyesores into assets, and maybe even landmarks? The panelists will discuss the intrinsic value of these properties; ways in which neighborhoods can – and have – worked with the panelists to identify the best use of a property; and how they are transforming abandoned and/or poorly maintained houses into occupied, well-maintained homes. The panelists will also discuss other ways in which residents and organizations can be proactive in dealing with underutilized properties, including marketing a neighborhood to attract new buyers and rehabbers.

• Michael Patillo – Manager of Operations, KC Land Bank
• Mark Stalsworth – President/CEO, Neighborhood Housing Services of Kansas City
• Forestine Beasley – Commercial Broker, Greg Patterson & Associates
• Michael Duffy – Managing Attorney, Legal Aid of Western Missouri
• Becky Forrest – President, Town Fork Creek Neighborhood Association

Moderator: Vincent Gauthier – Director of Planning, BNIM
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