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If you are looking to legal advice an attorney in Winters, California to handle your surrogacy, our video will help you to better understand how to choose the right law firm for your case.

If you are contemplating a surrogacy arrangement, you should consult with an experienced surrogacy attorney. Surrogacy and reproductive law (which differ by state) can be very complex and frustrating. Speaking with the proper lawyer will help you understand your rights and obligations, and protect your interests.

“Surrogacy” is when a woman agrees to carry a child to term for another individual, who then becomes the legal parent of the child at birth.

In our video you will get acquainted with existing Types of Surrogacy:

1. “Artificial Insemination” – is when a married woman – with the consent of her husband – conceives a child by artificial insemination from a donor other than her husband (the law generally recognizes the child as the husband’s legitimate child);
2. “Invitro Fertilization” – a process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body and then placed in the surrogate mother’s womb;
3. “Embryo transplantation” – transferring an embryo from the womb of its mother to the womb of another female in which it completes its development.

Note that NOT all states allow surrogate parent arrangements. Be sure to check yours.

On Legal Bistro you will find many local Family lawyers who can assist you with all the complicities of surrogate parenthood process.

It is really crucial to draft a surrogacy contract or agreement to avoid serious legal problems after the baby is born. According to it the moment the child is born the surrogate mother should give up her parental rights.

Consider the following reasons to consult an experienced Surrogate Parenthood attorney:

– Vast experience in the field
– Objectivity
– Useful contacts with facilities that provide surrogate mothers, donors, etc.
– Skills in handling a legal process
– Screening of potential candidates
– Money arrangements
– Relationship management
– Dispute resolution
– Contract drafting

Your surrogacy lawyer will give you better chances of achieving your objective — getting a child! So don’t hesitate to visit us to find the best lawyer for your case:

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