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In this part of the video we are introducing some details about Manslaughter, unlawful killing of a human being without the malicious intent or premeditation (expressed or implied) required for a murder.
– A reckless killing
– A killing done in the heat of the moment

Types of Manslaughter:

– Involuntary Manslaughter occurs when a death is caused during the commission of a non-felony such a reckless driving (also known as vehicular manslaughter)
*No intent to kill
*Victim was killed by behavior that was either criminally negligent or reckless
*Examples include the careless use of:
a. Firearms
b. Explosives
c. Animals
d. Medicine
e. Trains
f. Planes
g. Ships
h. Automobiles

– Voluntary Manslaughter includes killing in the heat of passion or while committing a felony

Legal Homicide, also known as Justified Homicide, is a killing in justified self-defense or defense of someone else.
Most state laws allow justified homicide to defend oneself or another from a credible threat of serious crimes such as:
Armed Robbery

Related Wrongful Death Claims are civil lawsuits or claims for damages that are brought by the family of the victim caused by the death of their loved one.
– These are monetary claims
– Require a much lower standard of proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt

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