Legal Services summary – 844-292-1318 Wyoming legal aid

Access to legal services is important for everyone, so that we can understand what our rights are and get justice. Research suggests that people with learning disabilities face barriers to accessing legal services. Watch this video about the research and what it means.
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1 thought on “Legal Services summary – 844-292-1318 Wyoming legal aid”

  1. This was a great thing that you have achieved thank you for your efforts.
    As a family with learning disabilities whom too have tried to access rights
    for accessing good health care through the NHS, for son whom has physical
    disabilities that affect mobility I know how difficult it can be and in truth
    found it impossible because the legal services would not fund the help
    being on benefits should mean help is available to access healthcare
    when general practitioners will not refer on or if hospitals are bias
    towards those with learning difficulties.
    This is why so many people with a learning disabilities are in poor health
    as they get older or die prematurely and families are almost victimized
    for trying to access help from their GP and health trusts.

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