20 thoughts on “Louisiana District Attorney drops charges for Alabama players – 844-292-1318 legal aid Pelham Alabama”

  1. If he isn't removed from his position, then it's too late for this country. I weap for the my homeland.

  2. Yea, I've sweated a lot in the 41 years I've worked. That is an insane reason and does nothing to inspire players NOT to offend. I wouldn't get a justice break for working myself to death 41 years!

  3. Alabama is turning into what Miami was in the 80s through the 2000s and getting away with things Scott free. Starting to really hate college football anymore. I hope the next NCAA president is fair and not an ass kisser to the SEC like emerit is. BY the way he was president at LSU while saban was coach. NO wonder black recruits want to go to Alabama. They know they will get away with anything and only have to worry about getting a slap on the hand. Alabama is becoming too powerful off the field. You're a god if you play for Alabama or in the SEC anymore and are completely above the law in the south.

  4. Anyone else see the similarities, American third world states are just like the middle east.

  5. all these people whine and whine whine, all we hear from liberals they put too many in jail for nothing. now we have a da that does the right thing and they still complain. LOL

  6. Typical sellout, he needs to be replaced by someone that follows the law that's a REAL District Attorney, not this repugnant disgrace that's oblivious to his own inadequacies

  7. Wait till a muslim american athlete is caught doing something like this. Also, unrelated here, but why have i heard next to nothing on the news about that old white man who kept those young girls in his house? it's because he wasn't muslim. if some white american commits a heinous crime, the media just accepts it, The hell is wrong with the world.

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