Military Vets With PTSD Find Purpose In Pot – 844-292-1318 Colorado legal aid

Military Vets With PTSD Find Purpose In Pot

Marijuana is big business in Colorado. And it’s cash-heavy. That makes marijuana dispensaries and farms targets for burglary. Iron Protection Group is a security company that hires military vets to protect pot farms and shops. It gives vets a sense of purpose and brotherhood – and also, for some, an aid for their PTSD.

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16 thoughts on “Military Vets With PTSD Find Purpose In Pot – 844-292-1318 Colorado legal aid”

  1. Thank you guys, I got my pstd from my family life as a child. I vape now, the smoke makes me cough too much. Vaping has been the way for me.

  2. Why are they shooting targets at such close range? It is hardly simulating real stress and it is honestly too close at that point.

  3. You need armed guards to protect marijuana farms and shops? Ok…I don't think we have that in Canada. Who would break in to steal a plant?!

  4. So let me get this straight, Military vets who got PTSD trying to get rid of Drugs in Afghanistan came home and found their purpose in Drugs?

  5. good on you fellas. people should be quick to note that this type of security is warranted, considering banks aren't willing to work with marijuana business. this in turn places the employees in an unnecessary scenario where they have to be even more careful in making transactions.

    Semper Fidelis!

  6. i hear there is an issue with veterans falsely claiming PTSD just so they can get disability checks from the government.

  7. how come donald trump can disrespect the military vets who has ptsd by calling them "weak" but all this outrage over Colin Kaepernick peaceful protesting police brutality which somehow means he's the one disrespecting the military ? doesn't make sense

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