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Injuryboard attorney Troy Schwant tells us about the perfect type of client, those that create a personal relationship between themselves and their lawyer. The first thing to do after an injury or accident is document your injury however possible, photographs being perhaps the best means of documentation. If the injury was caused by a product, keep the product. Troy also discusses the effects of practicing law in a contributory negligence state, Alabama, and how the 1% at fault rule does not mean juries are extra tough towards the plaintiff. Quite the opposite, says Troy, who beleives 90% of juries are sensitive to the needs of a client and truly wish to make the right decision.

Peter F. Burns, William M. Cunningham Jr., and Peter S. Mackey are highly regarded in the Mobile, Alabama legal community as effective personal injury attorneys. In addition, our firm provides responsible representation in other practice areas of civil litigation, including wrongful death, nursing home abuse, medical and legal malpractice, and much more. Our attorneys are committed to providing the most comprehensive representation possible. Every client is regarded as an individual and benefits from the resources that our attorneys have at their disposal.