National Guard Called into Milwaukee, Wisconsin Riots – 844-292-1318 Wisconsin legal aid

National Guard Called into Milwaukee, Wisconsin Riots


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19 thoughts on “National Guard Called into Milwaukee, Wisconsin Riots – 844-292-1318 Wisconsin legal aid”

  1. As a Third Worldist why do you put so much emphasis on Black Americans? Especially given they don't show any particular affection for communism. Never mind communism,   they even chose Hilary over Bernie.

  2. Wow I just realized that you are in fact a communist Jason. You do realize how terrible your system failed in Cuba which is my home country ? I mean my grandfather was robbed by Castro for millions of dollars. And you support this type of system? Thanks

  3. I hope the BLM ape's provoke the ARNG into shooting them ALL. "what do we want?, dead niggers… when do we want it? NOW" Give us a reason NOT to be racist for once….Jesus Christ!

  4. Rightful anger? are you serious?
    *Long criminal record
    *Armed with a stolen weapon
    *Investigation is underway

    The hysterical reaction to cases like this is what cheapens the very real issue of police brutality.

  5. let's buy a bus,,, send all these guys to your neighbourhood or hillary clintons neighbourhood and see how quickly you call 911 when they are beating your asses. Cuz these animals don't give a fuck if you're on their side or not.. they just want you to be too afraid to stand up call them what they are. Criminals,, see your mind went there because in reality you're the bigot.

  6. I've heard that the suspect pulled the gun while running and after he failed to comply with police when ordered to drop the gun. The police put the info on that out pretty quickly.

  7. Why dint the racist cops go for the double kill? They only shot the guy with the stolen handgun!
    Same thing happened to Rodney king if I recall, they only beat him up but not the other black passengers. Strange, I wonder why. It's as if the cops only mess with you if you piss them off.

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