Neil Young Gives $100K to Vermont’s GMO Lawsuit – 844-292-1318 Vermont legal aid

Neil Young has joined the fight against GMOs donating 0,000 to the Vermont Food Fight Fund, the state’s legal bid to label all food products that contain genetically modified organisms. Young is urging other wealthy donors to follow suit saying, “I’m just a rock ‘n’ roller who believes people should know what they’re eating,” in a press conference over the weekend. We look at Vermont’s prolonged legal battle with food industry advocates on the Lip News with Mark Sovel and Elliot Hill.

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20 thoughts on “Neil Young Gives $100K to Vermont’s GMO Lawsuit – 844-292-1318 Vermont legal aid”

  1. If labeling is a free speech issue, then the creators of every movie and record out there are having their free speech rights violated by having a rating or a label stating "explicit content" on it. 

    What a weak, lame ass argument. Just goes to show how desperate Monstersanto and SINgenta are to get their agriculturally failed, toxic gick on the market. Look up the utter disaster that "Golden Rice" was when it was introduced to China. The crop failed again and again and it's yield was nowhere near what conventional rice was. And if people need more beta carotene, you don't genetically engineer it into their rice, you help them to grow carrots, sweet potatoes and other veggies with beta carotene in them. Duh!  But Monstersanto still bandies it about like some miracle of technology. Just like everything from every corporation, it's a big wad of lies to make the rich richer. Same as it ever was…

  2. You don't like Neil youngs music !? Wow. He's a great Canadian singer, and has powerful lyrics in some of his songs. 

  3. I'm happy for labeling laws because it provides information to the market so the consumer can make up their minds — however I think the hysteria around GM is unwarranted. As much as I like his music — Neil Young is an idiot — take a look at his Pono player and his removal of music from streaming services over BS claims about audio fidelity.

  4. I asked an organic veggie seller about oranges/apples without seeds, if they were GMOs. He said, no, they can be the product of grafting. GMOs are like changing the DNA of veggies by adding human or animal genes.

  5. Love Neil Young forever.  The system preaches about the sacredness of free market competition but they always fix it so there's no such thing.  They fear labeling GMOs because then NOBODY WILL BUY THEM.

  6. Monsanto are in the White House brown nosing the fuehrer they haven't a chance ,,,big money talks 

  7. Elliott I'm glad you back! A knowledgeable person besides Mark.
    I like to see you guys more then the rest of them…

  8. It's just a matter of time before they start labeling organic farmers and people who wants to know what they are buying" terrorist " 1984 is closing in really fast people , wake up you neighbors before it's too …you wouldn't be running out of burning house or building without sounding the alarm would you ?

  9. the first amendment is to protect the individual not a greedy corporation. i choose only non-GMO labeled products now, if there's no non-GMO project label, i won't buy it. i want the label on produce too.

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