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  1. To these losers that riot and throw stones all day without giving a damn who's injured, how is that supposed to generate sympathy for your cause?

  2. Menuda basura sionista. Claro, los soldados israelíes son los protectores de los civiles palestinos. Luego van a tomar el té y construyen casas para los sintecho.

    Ojalá cada uno reciba lo que ha hecho, ni más ni menos.

  3. So by your logic, the Palestinians are angry to the point of suicide for no reason at all..

  4. What a laughable video!!!! You did not show the path Palestinians take to enter Israel at the Qalanida crossing . I am referring to the long/narrow/fenced path that resembles the path used to guide cows to the slaughter house. Then you have to wait in a large holding fenced area with a mechanized revolving door that is controlled by soldiers. Only few Palestinians are allowed through the revolving door every few minutes. You will have place your bags in an X-ray machine then present your papers to an Israeli soldier behind a thick glass window. You will need to hold your papers against the glass pane. No Palestinian will come in contact with any soldier. All soldiers are positioned behind thick steel walls and thick bullet-proof glass. On a good day, it will take at least an hour to cross. On a bad day, it will take 4 to 6 hours. On an average it will take around 2 hours.
    How do I know all the above!!! Because I have been there. Even though I could have crossed the checkpoint in 10 minutes with my American passport, I decided to follow Palestinians out of curiosity. After all, I was a tourist who wanted to experience as much as I can. It was an interesting experience. It took me two hours to clear the crossing. When I showed my American passport across the window, the Israeli soldier started to laugh and called another soldier who also started to laugh when he saw my American passport before giving me the signal to proceed to the other side of the check point. Even though they said nothing to me, I can imagine why they where laughing — something along the lines: "What an idiot!! He could have crossed the checkpoint in 10 minutes had he followed the path designated for foreigners."
    I strongly encourage my fellow Americans to take the Palestinian path if they ever cross that checkpoint — assuming you can spare few hours. You will get first-hand taste of what Palestinians have to endure everyday.
    Oh, one more laughable description. When you compare Qalanida crossing to the American/Mexican crossing, ensure you are recording cars with Palestinian license plates (the white ones). You were showing cars with Israeli license plates (yellow ones). Palestinian registered cars are not allowed into Israel.

  5. To hit a kid , makes really time to get stupid. Problem is , as civilized beings, we shall not go stupid. But organize life in a way we respect each other. This means respect people's properties. This people are as on a line to destruction. They have been murdered throughout the years. The Israel State has been established over their land , over their homes and properties. I dont think it would ever be neat this situation . For the world is horrorized to what Israel is doing to this people. For the simple fact , they have been residing on this land, and you just moved in. Without an agreement with the people who has been in the house. And that is what is wrong. And this is what gives reason to the Palestinians.How may a christian support this? So , there will really be no Christ , only the bloody scary boss taking over all the rest.

  6. There is no controversy here. Israel is the occupier, and it is stealing Palestinian land and dignity on a daily basis… Israel is also the violator of international law for the last 50 years, committing war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. It's actions have been condemned by the entire world… Even the US has abstained from blocking the recent resolution condemning Israel. Why this stupid attempt at spin on what the world already knows all too well…?

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