People’s Law School: Family Law – 844-292-1318 Kentucky legal aid

It’s People’s Law School, the show where you get first hand breakdowns of important and confusing laws that apply to day to day life from the professionals in those fields, and can learn how to understand and apply your knowledge to the laws that touch your life. In this episode, host Cynthia Sanderson and special guests John Reed and Carolyn Keely, two attorneys who work in family law, talk about family laws, such as custody, medication, divorce, living conditions, discipline, alimony, and family finances.

Disclaimer: This content is intended for informational purposes only, it is not intended as legal advice. The information is provided as a public service. Laws change and this information may not be current or correct. By providing this information, we are not acting as your lawyer. If you need legal advice, you should contact a lawyer through your local legal aid organization or bar association.

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