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In front of a sold-out crowd at Sydney’s Allphones Arena and a massive global audience online, Above & Beyond (a.k.a. Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamäki) celebrated the 150th episode of their Group Therapy radio show in style, demonstrating again why they’re one of the most in-demand acts in electronic music.

Highlights from the night included the exclusive first play of a brand new OceanLab single, Above & Beyond’s much-loved side project with Justine Suissa, along with an announcement that Above & Beyond Acoustic will return to some of the world’s most iconic venues in 2016. Fans can sign up for more info about the upcoming ‘Acoustic’ album and tour at: http://www.aboveandbeyond.nu/acoustic.

With tickets selling out months in advance and in record time, attendees travelled from all four corners of the globe for ABGT150 and lined up early to catch opening sets from Anjunadeep’s fastest rising star Lane 8 and Anjunabeats’ progressive favourite Grum, before staying late for an epic closing set from Anjunabeats’ hottest talent ilan Bluestone. The frenzy of online chatter from fans in the arena and from everyone watching at home ensured that #ABGT150 reached the number one trending topic on Twitter, just as #ABGT100 had done from New York’s Madison Square Garden in 2014.

Jono, Tony and Paavo also revealed a swathe of new material from their renowned Anjunabeats imprint’s heaviest hitters, including exclusives from Andrew Bayer, Jason Ross and Oliver Smith. Some of the music premiered at the show will appear on Above & Beyond’s forthcoming Anjunabeats Volume 12 compilation, due later this year.

Finally there was the news that Above & Beyond’s hometown gig at London’s Wembley Arena is now sold out. With all proceeds going to the band’s ‘Little Something Charitable Fund’ in memory of Jono’s late sister Charlotte and in aid of maternal mental health, UK fans can look forward to a truly special evening on November 13th.

All the sets from the night are available to stream now via http://youtube.com/aboveandbeyond

With thanks to www.cavort.co for the awesome drone footage of Sydney!


01. (0:40) Above & Beyond – ‘Hello’ (Album Mix Intro Edit)
02. (4:05) Oliver Smith – ‘Mirage’
03. (8:26) Faithless ‘Salva Mea’ (Above & Beyond Remix) / Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas ‘Sticky Fingers’
04. (13:30) Arty – ‘Kate’ (2015 Rework)
05. (16:21) Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab – ‘Another Chance’ (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
06. (22:21) Sunny Lax – ‘Enceladus
07. (26:19) Andrew Bayer – ‘Nobody Told Me’
08. (32:17) Jean Michel-Jarre & Tangerine Dream – ‘Zero Gravity’ (Above & Beyond Remix)
09. (37:40) Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston –’ Peace of Mind’
10. (42:38) Nick Sember – ‘Mezzo Forte’
11. (46:28) ilan Bluestone ‘Lighthouse’ / Above & Beyond ‘Sun & Moon’ (Above & Beyond Mashup)
12. (50:22) Above & Beyond feat. Gemma Hayes – Counting Down The Days (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
13. (56:42) Above & Beyond – ‘ID’
14. (1:00:25) Genix & Sunny Lax – ‘Black Water’
15. (1:05:06) Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – ‘Fly To New York’ (Above & Beyond vs. Jason Ross Club Mix)
16. (1:08:30) Jason Ross – ‘Fuse’
17. (1:13:27) Kyau & Albert – ‘About the Sun’
18. (1:18:17) ilan Bluestone ’43’ / Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab ‘Sky Falls Down’ (Above & Beyond Bootleg)
19. (1:22:05) Andrew Bayer – ‘ID’
20. (1:26:46) Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – ‘Treasure’ (Kyau & Albert Remix)
21. (1:31:42) Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas – ‘Blue Sky Action’ (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
22. (1:37:34) Maor Levi ‘Mercury’ / Above & Beyond ‘Can’t Sleep’
23. (1:42:20) Jason Ross & Wrechiski – ‘Frontier’
24. (1:47:15) Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford – ‘Alone Tonight’ (Jason Ross Remix)
25. (1:51:00) Tom Staar vs. Delerium ‘Silence’ (Above & Beyond’s It’s Not Rocket Silence Mash Up)
26. (1:54:36) Mat Zo – ‘Synapse Dynamics’ (Arty Remix)
27. (1:56:41) Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – ‘We Are All We Need’ (Outro Mix)

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  1. the best trance i ever heard-——-!!!!! I am forever a devoted fan-——at the time of the worst feelings in life—–your songs gave me hope 2 keep movin forword—the energy iz captivating—–hynotic-i love it—the vibe moves inside the soul!

  2. Until we strive for the times in your life when tenacity rose up in you, when you persevered against all odds and emerged victoriously as the conqueror of limited conditions and restricted situations. Until it is done. I was shaking and my brain was strengthening so much that could I take over of my inspired desire. May the best man win in a non competition race. Look inside your heart:and keep listening to , too, until the sights and the sounds disappear by themselves. First realize that you are illuminated. "Don´t miss the opportunity to become a perfect human".We are close to waking up when we dream that we are dreaming. Therefore the Master steps backward:He doesn´t act as a guru or messiah, cause he doesn´t want to keep people dependent on him, and thus spiritually immature.When people start to treat him like a holy man, he nips their adoration in the bud and points them to their inner messiah. Are you going to miss it? people will have nothing to learn: they just need to unlearn. He is always at ease (Below):At ease with herself/himself.The Master puts everyone else at ease. (Beyond): Trying to control the future: thinking that know what is good or bad, what is advantegeous or harmful. Leave them alone with the music and the sound, :Offer them the gift of not being dependent on you. Axiom of Life: the less rigid, the readier for life you are. Don´t blaming someone else:In the archer there is a resemblance to the mature person. When he misses the MARK, he turns and seeks the reason for his failure in himself. without ever having gone to see it: not that they are lacking in appropriate curiosity. But they have their priorities straight. " A skilfull master isn`t warlike. A skilfull fighter isn´t violent.A skilfull conqueror isn´t competitive. A skilfull employer places himself BELOW others. It is the sense of not competing.This is called the power to use men´s abilities.This is called complying with heaven.Since ancient times it has been the best way.(Above)."
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  3. Arty- Kate = Electricity+ goosebumps in my arms.
    What a night fellas. Cheers for what you have done to many unknown people´s life with your emotional music.

  4. I dont know why stupid people dance because they are stupid… Devils food is music these concerts are only to get laid and for drugs and orgys

  5. Above & Beyond I honestly have listened to this set every single day since it was published on September 28th and it just gets better and better!

  6. After it's debut in ABGT150, Another Chance will FINALLY get a release on November 4, 2016! It was the record of the week on ABGT204.

  7. The most emotionally intense A&B concert ever produced! 5mns after the beginning of the session, the public was already plunged into Nirvana and it never left after….

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