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20 thoughts on “RV “Boondocking” & WATER – How to Stretch It Out – 844-292-1318 Alaska legal aid”

  1. Hey guys thanks for the rapid response; I have another question and yes I reviewed the video regarding water, but need to be sure. Im interested in someday purchasing a 16J which has a 23gal fresh water tank and a combined 18gal black/grey tank. My major concern is how long will the 23gal last if I shower daily and as far as the propane (40) how long will it last if I run it continuously ? To give you a better idea of what Im hoping to do, I want to spend a week in the boondocks ( my wife and I) with the above mentioned measures.. is it possible or am I dreaming.. :)

  2. Okay I have one tip, not sure if you will like it but have you considered "baby wipes" for self cleaning versus showers or conserving water?

  3. i live in the north so i live a lot in my RV winterized….so using less water is a must…here are some of my tips…use a bowl in each sink to catch the used water and use it to flush….i use a composting toilet with urine diverter so i still use a bit of water to "flush" ..and this gives me two gray tanks and no black tank…..when waiting for shower water to get hot catch it in a bucket, and use it to wash dishes….for dishes, wipe out dishes with paper towels then spray them with cleaning grade 6% vinegar and wipe clean (no water)….in between showers use baby wipes or foaming soap….i dont like the spray dry shampoos as they are flammable gas….i live with two dogs and we are always clean and use about 1.5 gal of water per day for everything…except laundry, for laundry i use a 5 gal bucket with lid and a wonderwash (fancy toilet plunger) and wash light cloths to dark in the same water then repeat the process for rinsing ….saves on laundry money and water…..hope this helps someone.

  4. Love the Channel! I grew up with motorhomes and when I got old enough the water and dump became my job. Dad always called it the "The Mother Load"! I think just to piss mom off! Thanks and happy trails!

  5. Coffee cups don't need washed every day.  Paper plates are fine.  Shower together, it does save water.

  6. 1 Has anyone ever recycled grey water for toilet?
    2 Why can't you pre-filter the gray water then use reverse osmosis.
    3 Use solar to power for pump.
    4 Use compost toilet.

    This would be for extreme water conservation. :

  7. +Loloho Great video and important information. We are planning to buy a compost toilet for our rig. Have you thought about changing to a compost toilet to dodge black tank dump fees and what is the law about dumping grey water, I've heard some places allow it. Thank You and Much Peace !!!

  8. Hello, from Catonsville, Maryland. Studhubs and I became empty nester two weeks ago and went to our 1st RV show yesterday. Ready to upgrade from tent camping. Starting from nothing – need a tow vehicle first. Stumbled across your channel last night and have watched a few videos already. thanks for content that is so helpful!

  9. When camping, as a child, my Mom would hand my sister and I our toothbrushes, outside, loaded with toothpaste and a small cup of water each. We knew that little bit of water had to rinse out the toothpaste or we would be burning from the mint flavor. You guys have great instructions and tips. Still learning… Thanks!

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