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Donald Trump Takes Question from a 'Bernie Sanders Plant' on Immigration (2-4-16)

Thursday, February 4, 2016: At a town hall event in Exeter, NH, Donald Trump took a question from a woman claiming to be from Southern California about illegal immigration. Trump claimed she must have been sent by Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump Takes Question from a ‘Bernie Sanders Plant’ (2-4-16)
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  1. Screw every illegal of any race. Most illegals don't even do taxes and they steal Social Security. They cost hard-working Americans over a hundred billion dollars a year and most of them have free health care free food stamps even free housing and get welfare they shouldn't have anything they shouldn't even be here. People learn the difference between illegal and legal! TRUMP! BUILD THAT WALL! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  2. How stupid can these Bernie supporters get? They seem to be stooping to new lows every week. Illegal immigrants have no place or worth in America, period.

  3. Think of it like this, a fan girl from the EXO Fandom(Mexico) goes over to the BTS Fandom(America) side, she might see some problems with the fandom, but overall, she likes it there. Some more EXO fans go over to BTS and whether they enjoy BTS or EXO more is completely up to them. But overall, they like it there in the BTS fandom. They are helping the fandom grow and not die off as a fandom(country, state) they aren't tearing it down, but they're helping it grow.

    Basically, what I'm saying is, immigrants aren't tearing America down, they're helping it grow, so more workers, like builders, farmers, etc. are able to provide for where they live. Don't get me wrong, I understand that there's a lot of immigrants who don't work.(But still..)

  4. What about the chinese immigrants that came here… and then after they finished the transcontinental railroads, the government made laws discriminating against any more of them coming in after they finished? Used and abused… Or the south americans who came in to do agricultural work that nobody else wanted to do…

  5. Trump is 100 percent correct on illegal immigration. It is costing us billions of dollars to maintain the influx of illegal immigrants. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease a few months ago and I went to an urgent care and could not be seen because 40 kids were in line to receive inoculations for school. All of the kids were Hispanic, and probably all were illegal or birthed by illegal aliens. It upset me to no end. I was very sick and had to drive myself to a clinic that was about 40 mins away. Is that right? I'm a U.S. citizen and can't even get proper health care because our society has decided to spend our taxes on illegals.

  6. at 1:18 no the backbone isn't the people who cane here legally the backbone is the natives who were already the fuck here.

  7. I dont live in the US but I agree with Trump, illegal immigrants destroy a country.
    Here in Peru we got hundresd of thousands of chileans working illegally and they send money to their country, they work for half minimal wage, they are a parasite

  8. Which moron liberal or conservative would think illegal immigrants are the backbone of our country?

  9. Illegals don't want to pledge there loyalty to this country, they just want to take advantage of the system. I have no respect for these people. If they didn't breed like there's no tomorrow maybe there own country wouldn't be such a mess.

  10. "Ilegals are the backbone of this country" BWAHAAHAHAHAHA oh this is gold. Plant being from Socal on top of that just made it easy. Libtards are quite a bit looney that is for sure.

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