Supreme Court: The Term in Review (2011-2012) – 844-292-1318 legal aid Florence Alabama

The Federal Judicial Center is presenting its annual Supreme Court: The Term in Review (2011-2012) video program, a discussion of the high court’s decisions most likely to affect the work of federal judges. Our faculty of legal experts includes Dean Erwin Chemerinsky (University of California, Irvine — School of Law), Professor Evan Lee (University of California – Hastings College of Law), Professor Laurie Levenson (Loyola Law School), and Professor Suzanna Sherry (Vanderbilt University Law School). This year’s program will examine the Court’s decisions in areas including the First, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments, Sentencing, Federalism and the Federal Courts, Civil Rights and the constitutionality of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. (August 2012)
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  1. Can a plantiff without notice wthdraw submitted discovery package , without written notice and can the prosecutor/ plantiff introduce new evidence the day of hearing and not give ample time to defense to review and prepare for the hearing? Can the prosecutor violate the rules of evidence without reprecussions? Can a Judge knowingly refuse to dismiss a case knowing the following issues of prosecutor violation?

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