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Suspense is a radio drama series broadcast from 1942 through 1962.

One of the premier drama programs of the Golden Age of Radio, was subtitled “radio’s outstanding theater of thrills” and focused on suspense thriller-type scripts, usually featuring leading Hollywood actors of the era. Approximately 945 episodes were broadcast during its long run, and more than 900 are extant.

Suspense went through several major phases, characterized by different hosts, sponsors, and director/producers. Formula plot devices were followed for all but a handful of episodes: the protagonist was usually a normal person suddenly dropped into a threatening or bizarre situation; solutions were “withheld until the last possible second”; and evildoers were usually punished in the end.

In its early years, the program made only occasional forays into science fiction and fantasy. Notable exceptions include adaptations of Curt Siodmak’s Donovan’s Brain and H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Dunwich Horror”, but by the late 1950s, such material was regularly featured.

The familiar opening phrase “tales well-calculated to…” was satirized by Mad as the cover blurb “Tales Calculated to Drive You… Mad” on its first issue (October–November 1952) and continuing until issue #23 (May 1955).

Radio comedians Bob and Ray had a recurring routine lampooning the show, with stories that were presented as dramatic but were intentionally mundane, entitled “Tales calculated to put you in a state of… Apathy!”

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Civil Rights Leaders Reflect on Robert F. Kennedy

At the 50th Anniversary of the Installation of Robert F. Kennedy as Attorney General, Former RFK Public Affairs Officer Jack Rosenthal; Congressman John Lewis; Former RFK Administrative Assistant John Seigenthaler; Former Civil Rights Division Assistant Attorney General John Doar; and Charleyne Hunter-Gault, the journalist and first African-American to enter the University of Georgia, gather for an historic panel to reflect on the legacy – and particularly the civil rights legacy – of Attorney General Kennedy.
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WATCH 9 Soldiers Inside the Bagram Air Field Aid Station with Ft Drum 10th CAB Troops – 844-292-1318 legal aid Anniston Alabama

WATCH 9 Soldiers Inside the Bagram Air Field Aid Station with Ft Drum 10th CAB Troops

WATCH Sgt Matthew Kohler with 8 years of service from Delavan, Wisc., Spc Jessica Williamson with 4 years of service from East Islip, Long Island, NY, Spc Ryan Gurtner with 49 months of service and from Pulaski, PA, Pfc Robert Williams from Farmington, MI, Spc Jim Silveira from San Francisco, CA area, Spc Wesley O’Connor from Dothan, AL, Spc Chris Brockelbank from Birchtree, MO, Sgt Mary Jones with 5 years of service from Deltona, FL. SFC James West with 17 years of service from Burlington, VT on his 2nd Afghanistan deployment. They all talk about what they do in the Aid Station including some of them that go outside to provide Aid when a Air Flight needs medical care. On the next episode we go on a Tour Inside Bagram Air Field Task Force Falcons Aid Station.

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Ronald Noble, former head of INTERPOL (2000-2014) and founder of RKN Global DWC-LLC, asks the Dallas Police Department to clear the name of Mark Hughes – an innocent man who was wrongly, and very publicly, named a suspect in the killing of five police officers in Dallas on 7 July 2016. With this video, Noble further asks that the Dallas PD begin to undo the harm caused to Mark Hughes and his family by employing the same social media to clear his name that it used to wrongly accuse him of being a cop killer in the first place.
Using social media to seek the public’s help to identify a person of interest or suspect believed to be linked to the cold-blooded murder of police officers is understandable and can even be considered good police work. This is especially true during a crisis when both the police and public are in danger.
This video shows that Mark Hughes actually helped the police by turning over his unloaded rifle on his own as soon the shooting began, well before the Dallas Police Department wrongly accused him of being a suspect through its Tweet which was circulated worldwide. Mark was in lawful possession of his rifle under Texas law and the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. Mark Hughes’ turning over his rifle may very well have saved his life and kept the police from killing an innocent man.
In police crises, errors are not uncommon. Following the shooting at and killing of his police officers, Dallas Police Chief David Brown made a number of errors. He said that there was more than one shooter, when in fact there was only one. He displayed a photo of Mark Hughes showing him armed with his rifle and asking for the public’s help in identifying him AFTER Mark Hughes had already turned over his gun to a Dallas police officer, identifying himself and getting a receipt from the officer.
While the Dallas Police Chief was branding Mark Hughes as a cold-blooded cop-killer, Hughes and his brother Cory were acting to lawfully protect him from retribution. Cory Hughes went on live television to say that the person whose photo had been portrayed around the world as a suspected cop killer was his brother, who was at the protest exercising his US Constitutional right to bear arms, that he was innocent, and that after the shooting broke out, Cory had advised Mark to turn over his rifle to police so he wouldn’t get mistaken for the real shooter and get shot.
Now, two months since the crisis ended and the Dallas Police Department determined that Mark Hughes had absolutely nothing to do with the sniper attack, the errors made by police on the 7th and 8th of July still have not been corrected. The video of Dallas Police Chief David Brown wrongly labelling Mark Hughes as a suspect in the killings is still publicly available. The police have yet to admit publicly that they made a mistake. Instead, the Dallas Police Department continues to place Mark Hughes, Cory Hughes and their families in danger by keeping the uncorrected and false video broadcast available to the public on its Twitter feed. The video has been viewed more than 309,000 times.
While serving as Secretary General of INTERPOL and Head of several US law enforcement agencies, Mr. Noble led brave and dedicated law enforcement officers in the U.S. and around the world. In his official capacity, he has mourned the loss of law enforcement officers under his command as a result of murders and a terrorist attack. He believes in the U.S. Constitution and its Second Amendment right to bear arms, which Mark Hughes exercised lawfully on July 7th. Mr. Noble is a proud defender of police and (the rule of law) and strongly believes that a healthy, fair and just police department should never allow false accusations made by it against an innocent person to remain uncorrected and visible on its media channels as is happening in the case of Mark Hughes. It should do the right thing and #JustClearHisName.
Please comment and share this video, and be sure to include the hashtag #JustClearHisName.
Ronald Noble is the founder and 100% shareholder of RKN Global.
Between 2000-2014, Mr. Noble was elected three times to serve as INTERPOL Secretary General, and became the first official to visit all of its 190 member countries. He transformed INTERPOL into a global, 24/7 enterprise–regularly deploying Incident Response Teams (IRTs) worldwide to confront serious crimes, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters.

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