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Donald Trump held a rally in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, June 15 2016, and of course the typical crazies came out to protest him. Unfortunately for one of his protesters, who was wearing not only a black lives matter t-shirt, but also a LGBT button, a group of high school aged kids, including a 16 year old black male, were present to shut down their foolishness via a debate of epic proportions. Every point and counter point that the Trump protesters in this video made was wrecked into oblivion by these kids, who were actually debating full grown adults that appeared to be in their 40s and above.

The beauty of this debate is in the way it illustrates the chasm between blacks with a brain and blacks that are complete morons. The black LIES matter supporter in this video was a complete moron, but the 16 year old black kid and his high school aged friends were not. In one of the sadder, but hilarious, moments of the video, the black lies matter supporter thought that Donald Trump’s wife was illegal simply because she “was from Europe.” Maybe he doesn’t know the difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration?

Liberals and liberal media would have the whole country believe that all blacks are morons that require the assistance of whites to complete any mundane task. This video wrecks that whole ideology. It also shows how much disdain African Americans have for other blacks who can’t get it together and are willfully ignorant.

In a day and age of safe space liberal kids on college campuses, that scream at the top of their lungs when they are triggered due to frail insecurities, a video like this is simply refreshing. The DePaul University event kerfuffle involving Milo Yiannopoulos would have many lose faith in the youth. This is a stark and welcomed contrast that provides hope for the future of our youth.

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EPIC TRUMP DEBATE (Original Video)

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Josie Harris-Walton is one of the managing partners of Coleman & Walton, LLP. Josie is a native of the state of Alabama. She attended law school at Samford University, Cumberland School of Law. She also earned her legal Masters in Taxation from DePaul University College of Law. During her time at DePaul, Josie volunteered as an attorney at the Tax Care Clinic, a non-profit organization focused on helping low-income taxpayers with disputes against taxing authorities. She also worked at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Josie gained invaluable work experience as a tax attorney at Deming Parker law firm and as a senior tax consultant at Strategic Tax Advisors. She now specializes in strategic tax planning and tax defense. Josie is barred in the state of Georgia and the state of Alabama.
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Importance of Hiring an Elderly Law Attorney

Families dealing with both the emotional and legal complexities affiliated with long term elder care face an unusual yet serious set of disputes. As a result, numerous individuals facing long term care problems are more than willing to address professional service suppliers for advice. Unluckily, a lot of purported elder law professionals merely don’t have the experience or training essential to render complete elder law planning. To guarantee efficient elder law planning and advice, each are well-served to look for out professionals who specifically center their practice on elder law problems.

Medicaid planning, for instance, is a specific area of elder law that lends itself to different complexities and pitfalls. People who attempt to resolve Medicaid questions without first having extensive training run the peril of distributing misinformation that might get to serious, durable effects on the care choices acquirable to you and your beloveds. Recognizing the complexity of this specific area of elder law is the first step toward ascertaining that you or your beloveds do not fall victim to useless planning.

The following guidelines will also assist to make sure that your Medicaid needs are dealt thoroughly and effectively:

– Every case is unique. Each individual facing problems related to elder law brings to the table an unusual set of conditions.
– You might not have to be in a nursing home to have Medicaid profits.
– Asset protection should be a constitutional part of your elder law planning.
– Pressure those advising you to test they are competent.
– Consider leasing a law firm with a total service elder law team.

The legal world is fraught with pitfalls and complexities that can have durable effects. What’s more, the planning formula for the attention of an elderly family member could be emotionally and physically exhausting experience. We hope that the guidelines presented will assist those in require of long term care planning determine an experienced elder law team who will present suitable planning choices for your situation so that you are able to feel safe and convinced in planning for long term attention for you or your beloveds.

Senior law is a fairly brand-new specialized in the field of legislation. It is one-of-a-kind to the huge child boomer population prevalent since completion of World War II. These child boomers locate themselves in the distinct stance of being sandwiched between their very own still growing households and the necessities of their maturing parents.

There are times when the rights of the elderly are dismissed. They are frequently targeted by underhanded con men and marketing professionals ever before ready to make use of these individuals s understanding attributes and vulnerability. Exactly what’s additional there is often a lot of complication in relation to available perks or support for the elderly, and particularly regarding just what their rights are.

When it concerns elder law attorney in Valdosta Georgia is no various compared to anywhere else. Its elderly locals often find themselves seeking an advocate for their civil liberties. Whether it has to do with estate intending problems and shielding their properties, discrimination or rights to impairment aid, when it comes to elder law attorney in Valdosta Georgia has its bases covered.

Merely a glimpse in the Yellow Pages or a Google search under “elder law attorney in Valdosta Georgia” will suffice to locate a list of lawyers specializing in this area if law. So, rather than enabling the globe to walk around you or your loved one, locate a good senior regulation attorney to help you deal with whatever problem you may be encountering. Make a listing of inquiries just before you go to meet them so you don t fall short to obtain the responses you require.

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