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I am often asked, what is the difference between hiring you or just using a public defender/legal aid for my DWI case?

First, New York DWI refusal cases are not always cut-and-dry. They are either a defense lawyer’s dream or nightmare depending upon their level of preparation. This video explores the three key reasons (differences) you may choose to hire a private attorney for your DWI refusal case. Remember the government must provide you with competent legal counsel but maybe not the best or most experienced legal counsel.

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I am a member of the NCDD (National College of DUI Defense), and a co-author of Strategies for Defending DWI Cases in New York, 2011 ed.: Leading Lawyers on Understanding Today’s DWI Environment, Constructing a Defense Strategy, and Counseling Clients (Inside the Minds) New Edition


It’s important in the defense of any DWI refusal case to look at all government’s evidence against you, and ways to challenge that evidence. The primary evidence in a refusal case is the opinion of the police officer.

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