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Annual Starvation Gulch event at UAF (university of Alaska – Fairbanks campus).
Like every other year at the end of September, four piles of wood, 2 hours of blazing lights, random music blasting in the background, people flying their drones too close to the fire, all the fun stuff XD

This was the first year I actually saw “firenados” and “smokenados” form amidst the blazes, and seriously they were forming left and right.

Don’t necessarily want an entire year of my life to go by that fast, but still, can’t wait for next year šŸ™‚


Songs: All songs heard in this video are the exclusive property of their legal copyright holders. I make NO, I repeat, NO claims of ownership. This was a public event, and these songs were played at the event for public enjoyment. I filmed this event, and thus the songs played were consequently captured on my camera’s audio. If any issue is taken with these songs being in my video, I will mute the tracks.


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