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How can I lose my SSD / SSI Benefits?

The answer is there is two principle ways. One course is if your health improves, but sadly there is another way in which your SSI check can be terminated. Because of all the income rules for SSI you could be terminated because of many other reasons. For instance say you inherit more than two or three thousand dollars you will be thrown off of SSI until you spend that money. Say you get remarried and your spouse makes above a certain level of income you can be terminated. So basically when youre on SSI to stay on it you need to not only continue to be disabled but you need to continue to meet their income and money rules. In some cases you have a situation in which one month your on SSI and another month your off of SSI if you somehow have fluctuating income. As Ive mentioned before SSI income rules are very complicated and we cannot get beyond the very basics at this point.

A Social Security Disability ( SSD ) lawyer represents disabled persons on a no fee if no recovery basis. Social security disability income is a federal right if you qualify as disabled. Also called SSI, SSD or SSDI, it is essential to have a competent trained legal social security attorney to win your claim. SSDI lawyers can successfully handle social security appeals that were previously denied claims.

If you live in Alabaster, Albertville, Alexander City, Anniston, Athens, Auburn, Bessemer, Birmingham, Cullman, Daphne, Decatur, Dothan, Enterprise, Florence, Gadsden, Homewood, Hoover, Huntsville, Madison, Mobile, Monroe, Montgomery, Mountain Brook, Northport, Opelika, Phenix City, Prattville, Prichard, Selma, Tuscaloosa, Vestavia Hills or surrounding areas, place a call to 800-667-5734 and submit your application to have your claim reviewed by a professional disability claims lawyer.
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Segment 11 – “Understanding Virginia’s Unemployment Benefits” – 844-292-1318 Virginia legal aid

Pat Levy-Lavelle and Erin Trodden from Legal Aid Justice Center present “Common Problems to Watch Out For.” (Part 2 of 2)
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DUI Costs Alrington VA (703) 997-4800 Affordable DUI Costs Arlington Virginia

The cost of people getting a DUI will get very expensive for thousands of first-time offenders in Virginia.

Beginning July 1, a brand new state regulation will definitely demand folks found guilty of their first charge of driving a vehicle under the influence to operate a vehicle only with an ignition interlock unit, which prevents a car from being started when a driver is inebriated.

At the moment, the mandate calls for judges to impose the interlocks for first-time offenders having a blood alcohol content of 0.15 percent or higher and for second and subsequent offenses of the DUI law. The legal driving limit is 0.08 percent.

About 4,500 interlock machines are placed on cars in Virginia, according to the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program. The number is definitely forecasted to skyrocket under the updated law.

Just last year, 245 citizens were killed in alcohol-related crashes in Virginia and 28,162 drivers were convicted of DUI, according to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

Omitting insurance hikes, a driver’s first DUI could cost between 0-,741 in fines, government fees, and costs. A second DUI costs between ,511-,511. A third costs between ,310-,760. A fourth DUI costs between ,880-,380.

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There are around 13 different fines, fees, and costs that may be assessed against a defendant if he is found guilty, pleads guilty, or pleads no contest:

fines (0-,500).
license reinstatement fee (5).
ignition interlock system ( plus /month).
ASAP (0-5).
the Trauma Center Fund ().
court costs ().
jury fees (0/day).
court-appointed attorney fee (0 for misdemeanor up to 0 for felony).
mandatory driver-improvement class (), and.
car impounding fee (0 plus /day).

Criminal Penalties.

Offense convictions carry no mandatory minimum period of incarceration for offenders, except if the offender had a minor passenger in the vehicle (mandatory incarceration of five days), if the driver had a BAC in excess of.15 (mandatory minimum incarceration of five days), or the driver had a BAC in excess of.20 (mandatory minimum incarceration of ten days).

Getting Legal Help.

No statutory language in the state of Virginia prohibits pleading down DUI charges into lesser criminal offenses or even traffic violations. The ability to do so, however, is contingent upon the use of legal counsel and the case-specific nature of each DUI arrest. Pending case-specific factors, dismissal of charges may also be possible.

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Contact us to get immediate legal aid by a local DUI expert that knows how to get you off of your DUI and save you the troubles that come along with a DUI conviction. Contact us at (703) 997-4800 and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a DUI expert about to win your case!

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If you are apprehended for DUI, then working with a
Affordable DUI Attorney shows to be the very best choice. Driving under the influence can have major effects on you if you are associated with a vehicle mishap. You may face effects like jail or prison, penalties or fines, vehicle impoundment, etc. The DUI Lawyers is familiar with the intricacies and procedures included with DWI charges and are your best choice if you end up in such a situation.

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Have you been denied Veterans Benefits? | d’Oliveira & Associates Veterans Benefits Attorney – 844-292-1318 Rhode Island legal aid

Veterans Benefits Website: http://www.good-legal-advice.com/veterans-benefits.htm

d’Oliveira & Associates
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Email: TdOliveira@dmlaw.com

If you are a disabled military veteran, you may be entitled to Veterans Benefits. The injury and disability attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates are working with experienced VA benefit lawyers, who will work to get you the benefits and support you deserve as a service member who has helped our country.

Every year, thousands of disabled veterans, who need and deserve government benefits after all that they have been through serving in our armed forces, file legitimate claims for these benefits, and ultimately their claims are denied. It is not uncommon for the government to deny claims for Veterans Benefits even where these benefits should be granted to a completely deserving applicant. These applicants often have serious conditions, both mentally and physically, including: depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), burns, scarring or disfigurement, amputations/loss of limb injuries, paralysis, and other major complications. These conditions range from partially to totally disabling for the affected individual, and those who are suffering deserve benefits.

The Veterans Benefits system makes monthly payments to eligible men and women who have been disabled during military service, the amount varying depending on the severity of the disability. There are strict eligibility requirements and a very specific, thorough application process to complete. Recipients are often compensated for: disability, education/training, home loans, life insurance, pensions, and survivor benefits.

If you are a disabled veteran or active duty member who has been denied benefits, you should speak with an experienced VA Benefits attorney. Denial of applicants is common, so qualified lawyer may be able to offer helpful advice to determine eligibility, and eventually receive benefits. Our firm maintains joint responsibility with our VA benefit affiliates over these types of cases, and we charge no legal fees unless you obtain a settlement or award. Feel free to contact us by phone at 1-800-992-6878, visit us online at www.good-legal-advice.com, or schedule an appointment to come into any one of our fifteen office locations across Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

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Legal Resources for Government Benefits Issues – 844-292-1318 Minnesota legal aid

Legal Resources for Government Benefits Issues

Kathleen Davis, an attorney with Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, shares her insight on the legal resources available for people who encounter legal problems that arise from various government benefits/programs. View the training materials here: http://callforjustice.org/legal-referral-training-materials/

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Explanatory Notice

The following video documents a training session on Government Benefits that took place on March 14, 2014. The training was arranged by Call for Justice, LLC, a Twin Cities-based non-profit that works to connect low- and moderate-income people with legal resources. Part of our work is to train United Way 2-1-1 on the various Twin Cities legal resources.

Kathleen Davis, a supervising attorney from Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, conducted the session. Ellen Krug, Executive Director of Call for Justice, LLC, coordinated the session. The training session was presented to Information and Referral Specialists and other employees of United Way 2-1-1.

The information contained in this video is not legal advice. Viewers seeking legal assistance should contact an attorney. If you are a Minnesota resident in need of legal assistance and unable to afford an attorney, you should call United Way 2-1-1 by dialing 2-1-1.

At various places in the video, there may be references to “Zoey” or “Zoey Zalopa.” This is a fictional character used for purposes of exemplifying referrals to various legal resources.
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Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefits – 844-292-1318 Mississippi legal aid

Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefits

*DISCLAIMER* Thank you for watching the Morton Law Firm video. Please note, the material located in this video is for informational purposes only, is general in nature, and is not intended to and should not be relied upon or construed as a legal opinion or legal advice regarding any specific issue or factual circumstance. Nor is this information intended to create, and receipt of it does not create, an attorney-client relationship between you and the firm. Therefore you should consult an attorney in the event you want legal advice. This video is also not intended to be advertising and Morton Law Firm, PLLC does not seek to represent anyone by means of this video in a state where this video may fail to comply with all laws and ethical rules of that state. Please note, the content of any communication you send to the firm electronically or by any other means will not be considered confidential unless you have received such written confirmation and you should be aware that we can use any unsolicited information you send to us on behalf of our clients. We will neither accept requests for legal advice nor offer specific legal advice over the internet.

This segment of Elder Law Matters Mississippi Certified Elder Law Attorney Ronald Morton discusses the qualifications and benefits available to certain veterans and their spouses who are disabled, home bound, or require the assistance of others. This benefit, commonly called a Veterans Pension or Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit, is available for veterans who served at least 1 day during war time and at least 90 consecutive days of active duty. http://www.mortonelderlaw.com
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