Discovery Process in Boise County is weird; Idaho; experiments must be revealed; Criminal Trial – 844-292-1318 Idaho legal aid

I suppose the defense shouldn’t have to ask the prosecutor for their evidence as it might be assumed that defense will always want the relevant info anyway.

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Here’s Some Truth About Bear Baiting Putting Bait on the hill for U.S. Bug Study No Animals Were Harmed in my 4 year study. Who Would Figure that Bear Baiting Was’nt Just for Hunting LOL for You Tree Hugers Soooo Go Figure. Deer eat Meat and are U.S.A. Most Dangerious Animals. Bears and Cubs got nicer looking Fur from eating the Bait. I was more Affraid of the Elk Heards and Wolve Packs Bears Know Your There and Wont Show Them Selves Untill most times after they Have Attacked You. We Had a Gun But mainly Used a Air Horn to Denature Wild Animals.

Reaction to losing post storage hearing by Boise County Sheriff; Idaho; Police State; militant – 844-292-1318 Idaho legal aid

This is a devastating loss. They know how to really push peoples buttons and cut them off at the knees in Idaho.

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Watch the official music video for The B-52’s – “Love Shack”

Get The B-52’s Music:

Follow the Boise blood trails; possible stabbing @ Neurolux; downtown; Idaho – 844-292-1318 Idaho legal aid

Since it doesn’t rain much, a blood trail can last a long time.

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Vlog: Boise treachery and walk through of Corpus Christi House; Idaho; accepting mail – 844-292-1318 Idaho legal aid

The Corpus Christi House gets packed with people. It doesn’t look like much of a place to relax. It could be helpful that they will accept mail for me, if I ever need any mail.

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Driving through Hillcrest on Overland St while speaking my mind; Boise, Idaho – 844-292-1318 Idaho legal aid

Driving through Hillcrest on Overland St while speaking my mind; Boise, Idaho

I don’t really have much to say.

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Lawyers In Boise 24 Hour Call 208-450-2114 – 844-292-1318 Idaho legal aid
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Advantage Legal Services Idaho – Personal Injury
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Vlog: Improving strap; history; Legal Aid no help; LaborMAX; Water Park; Boise Bicycle; Idaho – 844-292-1318 Idaho legal aid

I’m a little disappointed in Legal Aid. I don’t see anything they can help me with.

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Vlog: Legal Aid office found; BSU graduation today; Cosplay event downtown Boise, Idaho – 844-292-1318 Idaho legal aid

Cosplay is called Anime Oasis. Lots of people around dressed up in different costumes.

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This video was created for Idaho Legal Aid Services to serve as an example of what predatory lending looks like. If you feel that you are a victim of predatory lending or would like more information about your rights, visit our website at
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