Paulette Brown, President, American Bar Association: Making the Justice System Just – 844-292-1318 legal aid Oxford Alabama

Paulette Brown, President, American Bar Association: Making the Justice System Just

Paulette Brown, President, American Bar Association; Partner/co-chair, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Locke Lord LLP
James Taylor, Ph.D., Director of African American Studies and Professor of Political Science, University of San Francisco; Lecturer, African American and African Diaspora Studies Department, University of California Berkeley—Moderator

Paulette Brown is the first woman of color to become president of the ABA and has been recognized by the National Law Journal as one of the “50 most influential minority lawyers in America.” She has been a municipal court judge, in addition to focusing on all facets of labor and employment litigation. Brown has devoted her presidency to “rebuilding the nation’s confidence in our justice system” by “working to eliminate bias and enhance diversity and inclusion” and offer “tangible, sustainable solutions that will have a positive impact on the perception of our justice system.”

Join an important discussion of what’s being done to ensure that the legal system can better represent the under-represented across the United States.
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St. Louis American: One week after, clergy pray for Michael Brown – 844-292-1318 legal aid Selma Alabama

Video by Rebecca Rivas
St. Louis American reporter and video editor

READ STORY By Kenya Vaughn
Of The St. Louis American
“Know that God is good all the time,” said a woman speaking through a bullhorn on the sidewalk directly across from a shrine that marked the spot that 18-year-old Michael Brown lost his life at the Canfield Green Apartments.
Representing Bethesda Temple’s Missionary and Outreach Ministry, She offered mini-sermons in between their singing.
“We will glorify his holy name,” a small representation of the group sang fervently as the rain poured down – almost in a soulful chant-like cadence.
“It may not look like it right now, but all things work for the good of those who love the Lord,” the woman said fervently.
For many who were in the Canfield Green Apartments that morning, it appeared to most certainly not look like it.
They peeked from their front doors and stood on steps, watching as protesters and activists slowly started to convene for two different demonstrations that were to honor the life of the 18-year old boy who was shot down by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. One was a moment of prayer for Michael Brown and the people of Ferguson lead by the Rev. Jesse Jackson. The other was a moment of solidarity (and march) for all of the young African American men who were casualties of police violence.
It was within the hour of the one-week anniversary of Brown’s death.
A week probably felt like an eternity to the folks who have watched their corner of Ferguson become a nonstop hotbed of protests and activity.
It was first the most disheartening of crime scenes as Brown’s body lay uncovered for hours.
Then Gatherers from across the county, city and nation convened. Along with them on this day were FBI agents, who swarmed the complex knocking on doors in search of witnesses and information related to
Brown’s death.
In this national media sensation of a story, residents’ privacy has become the unspoken of collateral damage.
Yet as they sat and watched in a stance to suggest they were guarding what was left of their personal space, residents still managed to be gracefully open to their complex playing host to protests and demonstrations.
One woman clapped along as the Bethesda group sang. Another said “how you doing” as a non-resident woman and her son walked from the parking lot getting positioned to hear The Rev. Jesse Jackson lead protesters in prayer.
A couple of them even walked down to hear Jackson uplift the hundreds of protesters who had come to hear him deliver an encouraging word in the fight for justice on Brown and his family’s behalf.
“Here we stand 50 years after the march on Selma with some unlearned lessons,” Jackson told the crowd. “Too much fear, too much hatred, too much violence and too much bloodshed. Michael lives as long as we remember him. He was robbed of the right to walk the streets where he lived. Too long we have learned to survive apart. Now we have a different lesson – let’s learn to live together.”
In the solitude of prayer, hands gripped tighter as people from various walks of life stood as one as Jackson’s words echoed among them.
“We choose life over death,” Jackson said. “We choose futures over funerals. In the end if we do not faint we will not fail.
We pray for the family of Michael Brown and we must end the violence. There is power in non-violence – whether it’s Selma, Alabama, or India, or South Africa. You must choose prayers and love over rockets and missiles. We’ve survived apart for so long – there is power in living together.”
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Equality NC Foundation was founded in 1979 under the name North Carolina Human Rights Fund (NCHRF), an education and charitable organization established to promote and defend the human rights and civil liberties of lesbians and gay men in North Carolina. In its infancy NCHRF worked to document antigay violence, repeal the Crime Against Nature law, provide legal aid to gays and lesbians, and helped fund the first NC Pride marches. The Foundation has expanded its programs to educate all residents of North Carolina about LGBT issues.

Equality NC Foundation played an important public education role on issues ranging from LGBT bullying, to effective HIV prevention, and the protection of LGBT families, and was a 2009 grantee of the Gill Foundation.
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World’s Worst Spider Bites; Linda’s Brown Recluse Bite Story – Part Two – 844-292-1318 Wisconsin legal aid

In this video you will see Linda’s spider bite recovery. Kudos to her for documenting this process. In this video you will see spiders, the healing process from a brown recluse spider bite, and you will see the packing and unpacking of a wound. Please comment below with your thoughts on the process itself. Is her alternative medicine better than traditional packing and antibiotics, coupled with some pain medication? Let us know.


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After two months she says: I feel my ordeal is over and I’m back to normal. The wound doesn’t hurt even though it isn’t finished healing. I have full use of my leg. My energy levels are back to ‘high’.

The wound’s edge still has a purplish cast and increases the more I stand on my leg. At this point people think I had a bad burn. I still put Vitamin E oil on it once a day and lotion as needed. There will be no need for plastic surgery.

I haven’t developed a spider phobia but I do practice more caution and look closely at every spider I see. I also examine every little bite or sore spot that appears with great detail.

There are those that say my bite can’t be from a Brown Recluse Spider since these spiders aren’t known to live in Wisconsin and I didn’t catch the culprit. (I argue that with world travel these days and the climate changes, the spiders could be anywhere.) I am open to hearing what could cause such a bite if not a BRS? Please send details and pictures of these other spiders or insects and their resulting wounds. It is hard to protect yourself from getting bit again when you are not certain what got you or where and when.

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Omarion Ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko – Post To Be (Official Video) – 844-292-1318 South Dakota legal aid

“Sex Playlist” the album in stores now


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