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Description: Columbus, Ohio business lawyer Michael Anthony on what eviction waiver and partial payments

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Deborah I. Gottschalk – Community Legal Aid Society, Inc. – 844-292-1318 Delaware legal aid

50 in 52 Journey Interview with Deborah I. Gottschalk. Debbie knew from the time she was in high school that she wanted to help those less fortunate than her. She found that law school was a way she could make a difference in the lives of others.
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Community Legal Aid - Windsor Law, for current and prospective students

Community Legal Aid is a program offered through the Faculty of Law here at the University of Windsor. The program provides legal services to the community from law students. Upper year students actually go to court, while first year students perform research and intake interviews. J.A. Pankiw-Petty is a third year student who is a supervisor at CLA. Here he discusses the program, how it helps the communities, and the skills it provides to law students.
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Making the Case for Community Lawyering – 844-292-1318 Washington legal aid

Making the Case for Community Lawyering

Legal aid lawyers and community organizers may work with the same client groups, but their strategies and perspectives may not always align. Can lawyers and organizers ever work together? Can such a community lawyering practice benefit clients?

Bread for the City in Washington, DC, would answer those questions with a resounding “YES.” Its lawyers and organizers are seeing real results from Bread for the City’s Community Lawyering Project.

We talked with Taylor Healy—a Bread for the City attorney—and Aja Taylor—a Bread for the City organizer—about their community lawyering practice.

Be sure to read their new Clearinghouse article, Making the Case for Community Lawyering:
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Colorado Olmstead Summit – Presentation of Colorado’s Community Living Plan – 844-292-1318 Colorado legal aid

Embracing the Olmstead Decision:
The Federal Response to the Olmstead Decision
Housing for Community Integration
Olmstead Decision and Implications for People with Intellectual Disabilities
History Colorado Center
1200 Broadway  Denver, CO 80203
10:45am to 4:30pm

Olmstead is the most important U.S. Supreme Court decision for people with disabilities. It holds that people with disabilities have a right in most instances to live in community rather than institutions. This video tells the story of how the Atlanta Legal Aid Society with support from ADAPT and other disability organizations litigated the case. It then tells the story of what happened after the decision and the real changes that began to happen after United States Justice Department embraced Olmstead.
Reggie Bicha, Scott Heller, Sue Birch, Reeves Brown, Gina Calhoun
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Community Partnership: Part 2 – 844-292-1318 Montana legal aid

Blackfoot River Brewing, Crowley Fleck Attorneys PLLP, and Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA) join forces in this year’s Community Partnership. The three businesses share resources to brew a custom craft beer and host an event. The video was created to promote the participants and MLSA 50th anniversary of providing free civil legal services to those in our community who might not be able to do it alone.

The goals of the Community Partnership are not only to raise and donate money to an impactful organization, but to also raise awareness about the great work these non-profits doe to make Helena a great place to live.
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Community Legal Aid – Rethinking Race – 844-292-1318 Ohio legal aid

Community Legal Aid - Rethinking Race

This was a presentation given on February 3, 2016 as a part of the University of Akron’s series “Rethinking Race.” An introduction was provided by Legal Aid’s Advocacy Director Gary Benjamin, followed by a discussion of Tax Lien Certificate Sales by Tim Kozlowski, Attorney at Law. Kyle Jullien, Director of Urban Planning with East Akron Neighborhood Devolopment Corporation gave a presentation entitled “Race and Place: The Neighborhood Context” and Terry Albanese of the Akron Mayor’s office gave an overview of the City’s Health in All Policies Initiative. Greg Sain, a Housing Attorney with Legal Aid discussed the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program in Ohio. Finally, Managing Attorney John Petit of Legal Aid closed with a look at Racial Justice Work at a Local, State, and National Level.
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