Missing a Court Date – 844-292-1318 Illinois legal aid

The Chicago Bar Association Young Lawyers Section, in partnership with The Chicago Bar Foundation and Illinois Legal Aid Online, has developed a series of short videos on basic, civil procedures in Illinois. The Chicago Bar Foundation provided funding for the project; Illinois Legal Aid Online produced the series. More information on Illinois civil procedure is available at www.IllinoisLegalAid.org.

A short video on what happens if you miss a court date.

Legal Aid Watch speaks to the Association of Police and Court Interpreters – 844-292-1318 Delaware legal aid

Chairman Geoffrey Buckingham tells us why APCI supports the Save UK Justice campaign and talks about the changes to the interpreting service.

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Peekin Aninnis ren Chon No non Kapwung (Chuukese Court Resources) – 844-292-1318 Hawaii legal aid

For more information call Legal Aid Society of Hawaii at 808-536-4302 or visit http://www.legalaidhawaii.org

For more information, visit:
The Hawaii State Judiciary website at http://www.courts.state.hi.us/self-help/landlord/tenant_claims.html

For online court forms click here: http://www.lawhelp.org/hi/resource/hawaii-self-help-interactive-forms

Veterans Treatment Court Webinar – Session 1 – 844-292-1318 Mississippi legal aid

Attorneys, Judges, and Court Personnel as First-Responders: Strategies to Identify and Mitigate Trauma Among Veteran Participants with PTSD and Operational Stress Injuries in Veterans Treatment Court Settings – Forensic stress, which is generated solely by involvement in the criminal litigation, often aggravates symptoms of existing mental health conditions for veterans facing charges. It impairs the defendant’s abilities to make reasoned legal decisions and challenges attorneys and other professionals in the justice system to identify and counteract these powerful forces. This Webinar describes methods to assist attorneys and other members of a treatment team in diverting the client from his or her own symptoms – not only from confinement. It also identifies some risks inherent in the professional’s exposure to a Veteran’s own traumatic experiences.

For all participants, the Webinar introduces the concept of “Psycholegal Softspots” as particular aspects of criminal litigation that are known to trigger stress reactions, explores “Psychological First Aid” as a vehicle to mitigate crises, and discusses PTSD trigger awareness plans as practical tools tailored meet an individual participant’s unique needs in a Veterans Treatment Court program. For attorneys, the Webinar also previews ethically acceptable interventions that do not transform the lawyer into a mental health professional and identifies the hallmarks of effective collaboration with mental health professionals during the course of the representation.

Major Seamone is a Professor and Director of the Legal Writing Program at Mississippi College School of Law. He also serves as a Major and Senior Defense Counsel in the United States Army Reserve. During his tours in Iraq, Germany, and at domestic military installations, he participated as both a prosecutor and defense attorney in sexual assault, complex death penalty, and other felony criminal cases involving defendants with PTSD. Major Seamone has written extensively about treatment-based sentencing alternatives in military courts-martial proceedings and the use of civilian Veterans Treatment and Mental Health Problem-Solving Courts by military organizations and commanders. He is actively involved in the development of a standardized curriculum to assist family court judges in better understanding the unique needs of military families.

University of Chicago Law School Students spent their 2012 spring break providing legal assistance in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Representing Yourself in Small Claims Court in Indiana – 844-292-1318 Indiana legal aid

Note: This informational video applies to small claims filed in all Indiana counties EXCEPT Marion County. See our video on representing yourself in Marion County Small Claims Courts here: http://youtu.be/1Z2XRAfPSYA.

This video is designed to inform you of your rights and responsibilities in small claims court proceedings throughout Indiana. Small claims cases are a special type of civil case in which the amount the plaintiff wishes to recover is ,000 or less. Indiana has developed a way to handle these cases in court, using a speedier and more formal procedure than that used for other types of civil cases. This video provides information about your responsibilities in court and the procedures you should follow if you choose to represent yourself in an Indiana small claims court.

The information here should not be considered legal advice. Only a practicing attorney can provide you with legal advice.


“Cómo Representarse a sí Mismo en la Corte Para Demandas de Cuantía Menor de Indiana” le informará de sus derechos y responsabilidades, y la dará información que la ayudará a tomar decisiones sobre su caso de cuantía menor. Las demandas de cuantía menor sun up tipo especial de caso civil donde el importe que el demandante busca recuperar es de ,000 o menos. Indiana ha establecido una manera particular para tramitar esos casos en la corte, mediante un procedimiento más rápido e informal que la mayoría de otros tipos de casos judiciales.

La información que se presenta aquí no debe considerarse como consejo legal. Solamente los abogados en ejercicio pueden brindar asesoría legal.

Este video le informará de sus derechos y responsabilidades en todos los cortes para demandas de cuantía menor en Indiana.
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Pro Se Court at the Daley Center: Mediation – 844-292-1318 Illinois legal aid

Going to court without the help of a lawyer can be a stressful event. This videos series will help you understand what happens when a case is filed and heard by a judge in the Pro Se Court at the Daley Center. The Pro Se Court was created to make the court process more accessible to people who could not hire a lawyer, but wanted to resolve a their dispute against someone else. The videos in this series discuss topics that are helpful to both plaintiffs, the person who files a lawsuit, as well as defendants, the person a lawsuit is filed against.

The Pro Se Court at the Daley Center in Cook County, Illinois is designed for people who have filed lawsuits asking for money damages of 00 or less and are not represented by a lawyer.

The “Mediation” video gives information about the benefits of working with a mediator as a way to resolve your dispute instead of going to trial.
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Created: 12/8/2011
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